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The Joy of the Reformed

Article by   December 2009
I wasn't born and raised in the Reformed church.  In other words, I am a Reformed immigrant.  Like many people in the Reformed church today, I migrated out of broad based evangelicalism and non-denominationalism.  Many of my friends, both ministers... continue

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Luther's Loyal Son

Article by   October 2017
Many of us have probably been led to think of the Reformed (and Presbyterian) tradition as being separate and parallel tradition to the Lutheran tradition. There have been those within the modern Reformed tradition and within the Lutheran tradition since... continue

Reformed and Baptist: the third wave

Article by   July 2012
Not long ago, the good Dr Trueman took up the question of why the label 'Reformed' is more often associated with Baptists than with Presbyterians.I appreciated the irenic tone of Carl's answer (appreciably and appreciatedly different to the caustic and... continue
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