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Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton

Article by   June 2012
W. Andrew Hoffecker, Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton (P&R Publishing, 2011), 460pp.IntroductionOne hardly needs to say that having two biographies on the same historical figure published within the same year (2011) invites comparison between the two works. Of course, an... continue

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Trouble and rest

Article by   November 2014
I have a deep appreciation for the earliest Princeton men. Archibald Alexander, for example, mixes deep scriptural insight and wisdom, developed by assiduous study, with a rich and experimental piety, a happy blend too rare today. I have also been... continue

Church Leaders' Conference at Cairn University

Article by   April 2013
If you are a pastor or elder in the greater Philadelphia area, you may be interested in the upcoming Cairn Church Leaders' Conference, on Thursday, April 11 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM .  The conference is designed to encourage, support, and... continue
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