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Praying the Psalms in Christ

Article by   December 2016
If we are to interpret the Psalms as Christian scripture, I believe that we need to interpret them "in Christ." This does not mean interpreting all of the Psalms simply as predictions of Jesus Christ, or as expositions of New Testament doctrine. continue

The Hermeneutics of Lament (Part 3)

Article by   November 2016
As I have spoken to college students, cancer patients, and many others in the last year about lament, many of the Christians assume that they should just jump to the end of Psalms of laments if they are to pray them at all: "I trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation," in the words of Psalm 13. Why? Because the other parts of the Psalm are too close to "anger" or "complaining." But with this approach, we cannot actually receive and pray the psalms of laments as scripture, apart from the "happy ending" in their final resolutions. This approach fails to receive the Psalms as a prayer book for the church today. continue

Praying for Heretics: Irenaeus of Lyons' First Prayer for the Gnostics

Article by   May 2016
How should we respond to heresy? As we have seen in our previous article, the early Christian theologian Irenaeus of Lyons (c.130-c.200) is a great model here. There must be a robust theological response based on Scripture. And confessional parameters... continue

'Mindfulness' or the mind of Christ: A false dilemma

Article by   February 2015
"Come to me all you who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest." (Matt. 11:28) Oh, the beauty of Jesus' invitation. Who has not known the weariness that Jesus evokes, and the almost palpable relief in the promise of succor? For the anxious in particular, no words are sweeter. And for just that reason, no words can be more troubling. Rest, the one thing needful for the anxious, seems ever to evade their grasp. Or, if it comes, it leaves as abruptly. continue

The Christian, Torture and Intercessory Prayer

Article by   December 2014
So the government authorizes, or the apparatus of the state undertakes, torture. So what? We live in a fallen world and we are not surprised that criminal activity insidiously seeps into the highest reaches of public authority and command. We are realists, we are not shaken. Of course, we may also not be shaken for other reasons which are equally theologically revealing. Exposed to the discourse of the 'war on terror', from news to TV shows and movies, it is likely that we live as citizens in fear. Our fear may be under control, but its control is technological. Surveillance, security, screening, and suspicion are the guarantors of our fragile peace. continue

Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World

Article by   October 2008
A broken leg gets more attention than the nagging pain in your side. But the attention we give to an illness is not always an accurate judge of its severity. The break may heal where the nagging pain betrays something far more serious. Worldliness is a nagging pain in the Christian's soul. It does not get the kind of attention that more public acute sins garner, but it is equally if not more deadly than many other temptations. continue

The Heart of Prayer

Article by   September 2008
Now, all who trust in and love their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ desire a disciplined prayer life. However, desire and practice do not always match-up. Some believers (myself included!) often see days pass by without a regular time of private communion with God much to their shame. continue

Praying: Finding our Way through Duty to Delight

Article by   September 2006
Another, much anticipated book by J. I. Packer (and a second co-authored by Carolyn Nystrom). This one, as the title makes abundantly clear, on prayer - or, as the action-word suggests, praying. A century and a half ago the Scottish... continue

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The Powerlessness of Prayer-Shaming

Article by   February 2018
"What if you and your family were starving, and someone with an abundance of food responded by letting you know that they were 'offering thoughts and prayers'?" You're immediate inner thought would be, "Stop praying. Do something!" A preponderance... continue

Continual Prayer for Revival

Article by   January 2018
In the last post on the revitalization of the eighteenth-century Baptists, we considered the way in which prayer was a central cause. The passing years did not diminish John Sutcliff's (1752-1814) and Andrew Fuller's (1754-1815) zeal in praying for... continue

Feeling Forsaken, But Not Forgotten: An Infertility Story

Article by   August 2017
I met my husband, Pete, in April of 2004. We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend who knew both of us well, and our friend thought we would be the perfect match. The only... continue

Praying Through the Scriptures: Joshua 24; Acts 4

Article by   February 2017
Over the years it has been my practice, learned from others, to offer up praises and petitions framed by a passage of Scripture. Some of these passages were read in preparation for preaching, others offered material for meditation in daily... continue

Praying Through the Scriptures: Joshua 23

Article by   January 2017
Over the years it has been my practice, learned from others, to offer up praises and petitions framed by a passage of Scripture. Some of these passages were read in preparation for preaching, others offered material for meditation in daily... continue

Praying for Our New President-Elect

Article by   November 2016
What has been termed the most contentious and discouraging Presidential election in my lifetime has finally come to an end. America has spoken. For many Christians, a Trump presidency marks the end of a now fractured Republican Party's fall from... continue

Praying Through the Scriptures: Deuteronomy 3

Article by   November 2016
Over the years it has been my practice, learned from others, to offer up praises and petitions framed by a passage of Scripture. Some of these passages were read in preparation for preaching, others offered material for meditation in daily... continue

Praying Through the Scriptures: Genesis 2

Article by   October 2016
"We come to you this morning, our Maker, Redeemer and eternal Rest. You are the one who patterns the weeks of our lives, ordered by the work of your creation and the rest of your holy day. We praise you... continue

What Andy Stanley Has Forgotten

Article by   October 2016
What Andy Stanley has forgotten is that conversion to Christianity involves a supernatural rebirth that requires the Word of God. Forgetting this essential truth has been the tendency of the seeker-sensitive church-growth movement. This vital truth is forgotten wherever sociology is... continue

Praying Through the Scriptures: Genesis 1

Article by   September 2016
Over the years it has been my practice, learned from others, to offer up praises and petitions framed by a passage of Scripture. Some of these passages were read in preparation for preaching, others offered material for meditation in... continue

Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer

Article by   August 2016
We know that we are called to pray. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 instructs us to "pray without ceasing". Then why do we find it so difficult? Perhaps we feel that our prayers are not sufficiently eloquent or compelling. There can... continue

The Adversary and the Intercessor

Article by   June 2016
I love the hymn "Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners" - but one line makes me uncomfortable every time I sing it: "Jesus! What a strength in weakness! Let me hide myself in him; tempted, tried, and sometimes failing, he,... continue

Moving Prayer to the Center of Ministry

Article by   May 2016
God's people need to be prayed for. They need to led in prayer. They need to be taught how to pray. We all believe that prayer is important. Nevertheless, working our convictions about prayer into our practice of ministry is... continue

In Defense of Praying for Aunt Sally's Big Toe

Article by   April 2016
"Pray for the dead bird on the sidewalk!"The six-year-old's words rushed through the church prayer meeting leaving an uneasy silence behind. Our pastor had invited requests, and one little boy--the newly-attending grandson of a church member--was endearingly eager. But his... continue

The Difficulty of Prayer (and a solution)

Article by   September 2015
Prayer is not easy. I find that true myself, but others whom I respect have also given testimony to the difficulty of prayer. Some chaps make it sound easy; if they spend hours a day in the tent of meeting,... continue

Failures in Faith and Prayer: Calvin on Gen. 16.1-3

Article by   August 2015
Sarah's problem, in Calvin's estimation, was that she believed the promise of God. Or at least, that was part of her problem -- part, that is, of what actually drove her to let those very strange words pass the threshold... continue

"Respect the Authorities": Scriptural Framework #4 ~ Respond Prayerfully

Article by   July 2015
IntroductionA proper subjectionThe prayers of the saintsA godly lifeRespond Prayerfully So when they heard that, they raised their voice to God with one accord and said: "Lord, You are God, who made heaven and earth and the sea, and all... continue

"Respect the Authorities": Scriptural Framework #2 ~ The Prayers of the Saints

Article by   June 2015
Excerpted from the book Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness ( or or Westminster Bookstore or RHB). - See more at: from the book Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness ( or or Westminster Bookstore or RHB).... continue

The Christward Collective Highlights

Article by   June 2015
The Christward Collective is an attempt to help introduce the reader to various aspects of theology, together with the experiential benefits that ought to flow from them. Whether systematic, biblical, exegetical, historical, or pastoral theology, we seek to help further... continue

ISIS and the Imprecatory Psalms

Article by   February 2015
The recent execution of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by the murderous Islamic group ISIS has prompted appropriate and helpful Christian reflections (see here and here). But one question I have yet to see asked is, "Is it time now... continue

Some clarifications on prayer

Article by   January 2015
I am delighted to learn that I have managed to awaken Mr Levy from his seasonal slumbers. I am sure that ripples of thankful applause are now washing around the globe from his fans. However, I must admit that I... continue

Praying in four directions

Article by   January 2015
[The introductory paragraph was originally posted in an unfinished form. Mea culpa. I have not changed the sentiment and substance, but have adapted and I hope improved the tone and the direction. I do not have the original piece, but... continue

A Thoroughly Reformed Book on Prayer

Article by   December 2014
This morning, I finished reading Tim Keller's new book, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. I very much appreciated the book--I read it a chapter at a time during my morning worship times and found myself reminded of much... continue

Jesus Life of Prayer by Jonathan Master

Article by   September 2014
Jesus was a man of prayer.  Regardless of how mysterious this is in light of our understanding of God's Triune nature, it is nonetheless undeniable that Jesus spent much time praying to the Father.  We see this throughout His earthly... continue

Let Us Draw Near by Jonathan Master

Article by   August 2014
There are many model prayers in the Bible.  The most famous is The Lord's Prayer, recorded for us in Matthew and Luke; but there are others besides.  Recently, Mark Johnston has turned our attention to the prayer of Daniel, or,... continue

A Life of Prayer by Mark Johnston

Article by   August 2014
There are few places in Scripture where we are given deeper insight into the anatomy of a life of prayer than in the book of Daniel. The well-known words of the old children's chorus, 'Daniel was a man of prayer...'... continue

(In)dependence and Prayer

Article by   January 2014
My wife will tell you that I am a fairly independent guy. If I am assigned a task, I normally attempt to accomplish it without requesting help. Of course there are times when I know I need assistance, but if... continue

Helps for prayer

Article by   January 2014
You may have heard Apple-adorers testifying of the usefulness of an application called PrayerMate. Now Google-gogglers can join in the fun, because PrayerMate has been made available for Android.Some warnings: PrayerMate will not give you a heart for prayer; it... continue

I Love President Barack Obama, but...

Article by   December 2013
Facebook is an interesting utensil. People use it for all sorts of things (e.g., advertising, spying, networking). If you spend even the slightly amount of time there, you can also get a sense of what matters to people. Some highly... continue

Your spiritual appetite

Article by   November 2013
This day was the best that I have seen since I came to England. . . . After Dr. Twisse had begun with a brief prayer, Mr. Marshall prayed largely two hours, most divinely, confessing the sins of the members... continue

Effective personal evangelism: prayer

Article by   October 2013
The marks of effective personal evangelism we have surveyed so far are love, tenacity, boldness, consistency and understanding.The sixth mark of the effective personal evangelist is prayer. The place of prayer in this list is not a marker of its... continue

Concerning petitions

Article by   March 2013
Paul "Champion of the Chip People" Levy makes good points regarding petitions, with which - I must confess, though it irks me to do so - I am substantially in agreement. If he carefully reads the post about the Keep... continue

Review: "Developing a Healthy Prayer Life"

Article by   February 2013
Developing a Healthy Prayer Life: 31 Meditations on Communing with GodJames W. Beeke and Joel R. BeekeReformation Heritage Books, 2010, 99pp., paperback, $10 / £7.50ISBN 978-1-60178-112-3This is the first in a planned series of volumes providing 31 meditations on a... continue

Fervent prayers

Article by   December 2012
How do you pray? How do you think about praying? How do you set out to pray? Consider these encouragements from Thomas Brooks in his volume, The Privy Key of Heaven (also reprinted recently by Banner as The Secret Key... continue

Praying in the Whirlwind

Article by   August 2011
Lately I've been sleeping less to get more done, and therefore feel drained in the doing; so I sleep more and get less done, but worry that I need to work faster. It's a vicious cycle I'm sure many reading... continue

Some Initial Thoughts on Praying for President-Elect Obama

Article by   November 2008
Well, my country and much of the rest of the world are electric with the election of Barack Obama as the new President of the United States of America. To say that it is historic, is a gross understatement. Justin Taylor... continue

How Long?

Article by   January 2008
Today I received an anonymous prayer card from someone who was at Tenth Presbyterian Church yesterday for worship.  The card asked us to pray for a baby whose heart is failing and may need a transplant.  The baby's parents are... continue
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