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WHAT IF: Duns Scotus had not been a Theologian?

Article by   January 2016
What if Duns Scotus had never written theology? According to John Milbank, Christendom would have been spared much of its own self-imposed fragmentation, and Europe would have avoided the worst of the ravages of industrial capitalism, objectifying scientism, and cultural nihilism. This is the narrative thread that weaves through Milbank's Beyond Secular Order, much in the way a similar claim formed the main thesis of his ground-breaking book, Theology and Social Theology (Blackwell, 1991). continue

Presbyterians and the Political Theology of Race: Part 2 [Old Testament Politics]

Article by   July 2015
In Part 1 of this series I observed that southern Presbyterian defenders of segregation emphasized the Old Testament as the authority for biblical norms regarding race over against the more New Testament oriented arguments of their opponents in the civil rights movement. The most prominent version of the southern Presbyterian argument was not the caricatured appeal to the mark of Cain, let alone to the curse of Ham, as we might like to imagine. It was much more sophisticated than that. It usually ran something like this: continue

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On the Word, Wittenberg Beer, and Christian vs Islamic Expansion

Article by   November 2014
"I can drive no man to heaven or beat him into it with a club." So observed Luther on March 11th, 1522, in a sermon to Wittenberg parishioners. Though his point was rather obvious, Luther felt compelled to make it... continue
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