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The Road Not Taken: Peter Martyr Vermigli and the Lost Cause of Catholic Reform

Article by   October 2014
As we commemorate the 497th anniversary of the Reformation this week, those who stop to think about the anniversary (too few of us, no doubt) will probably either celebrate it as the birthday of the Protestant churches, or lament it as the beginning of the great schism that still divides the western church today. We will think of such revolutionary figures as Luther and Calvin, men iconoclastic and charismatic enough to have whole traditions named after them. This way of thinking about the Reformation, though, is liable to blind us to its most significant feature: it was a reform movement, an attempt to purify and heal the Catholic Church of its corruptions continue

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The Face behind Article 17

Article by   August 2015
I think there is a good case that Peter Martyr Vermigli is the brains behind Article 17 of the Thirty-nine Articles. He was the highly respected and trusted Regis Professor of Divinity at Oxford (1548-1554), and actually wrote a tract... continue
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