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Happily Ever After? Thoughts on the Ending of the Acts of the Apostles - Pt 1

Article by   March 2015
The ending of the Acts of the Apostles has proven a puzzle, to say the least.[1] In the fourth century, John Chrysostom asked, "But of [Paul's] affairs after the two years [i.e., of Acts 28:30], what say we? (The writer) leaves the hearer athirst for more: the heathen authors do the same (in their writings), for to know everything makes the reader dull and jaded." Chrysostom's reflections are perceptive. He recognizes that Luke has not given readers the ending to Acts that they may want. He also recognizes that Luke is no careless author. The ending of Acts is a work of craft. continue

Introducing Paul: A review

Article by   September 2010
American humorist Mark Twain once wrote a correspondent, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." To explain a matter succinctly without sacrificing depth, penetration, or clarity tests the mettle of any... continue

Paul: In Fresh Perspective

Article by   March 2006
What was Paul's relationship to the Judaism(s) of his day? How Jewish was Paul? Did (and in what way did) Paul critique Israel? In Paul: In Fresh Perspective, N. T. Wright contemplates and presents his answers for questions such as... continue

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Judgment According to Works

Article by   October 2015
Part 1: Justification by Precision Alone?Part 2: Act and Habit of FaithPart 3: Justification is an act that cannot be revokedPart 4: Arminian vs. Reformed on justification Part 5: One or Two Justifications? Part 6: Judgment According to Works (see below)It is... continue

Playing to the gallery (or, Anselm's chance)

Article by   March 2012
Anselm Mulliner is a character in one of P. G. Wodehouse's short stories, entitled "Anselm Gets His Chance," available in the collection Eggs, Beans and Crumpets (US), for those interested. Anselm is curate of the parish of Rising Mattock in... continue
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