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The Walker Awards

Article by   December 2014
I do not normally get involved in the banter of those who write for Reformation 21, but I believe this response is most urgent in light of the previous two posts. Both Mr. Paul Levy and Mr. Jeremy Walker questioned... continue

The Levy Awards

Article by   December 2014
I cannot but dispute Paul's "Best Looking Blogger" and "Nicest Guy Awards." Both make reference to photos, which shows that Paul is still clearly irked by the absence of a grainy black-and-white mugshot. I do what I can, and present... continue

Would Carl please approve Levy's photo

Article by   June 2014
Not wanting the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals to be painted as ever saying a negative comment of another or depriving one of their moment as a celebrity, I strongly urge Carl to select and forward to the staff for immediately... continue

Riding shotgun

Article by   May 2014
I could not help sadly oscillating the Walker bean when I read Carl's offer to ride shotgun to Mark Jones on the proposed debate between Jones and Tchividjian on the matter of the law and grace, and - specifically -... continue

The unbearable heaviness of being Levy

Article by   December 2013
I am always - well, sometimes - grieved to grieve Mr Levy. Clearly I have burdened an already burdened man, and in ways that I have not (on this occasion) intended. And so a little comeback on his pushback: I... continue

The Trueman Show (or, "In it to win it")

Article by   April 2012
And so it has happened. Carl Trueman, Puncturer of Bubbles, has been invited into the celebrity cauldron of T4G to discuss celebrity. Quite apart from the obvious irony of having the cachet actually to sit on the same platform as... continue
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