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How to Listen to a Sermon

Article by   April 2007
How to Listen to a SermonUnderstanding the TimesDerek Thomas   Sermons! They are the stuff of jokes! Like this on, which makes the rounds in different guises: "Barbara remains in the hospital and needs blood donors for more transfusions.... continue

Sermons on the Beatitudes

Article by   December 2006
Calvin's sermons were delivered extempore, taken down by the remarkable Denis Raguenier, published by the diaconate of Geneva, and the proceeds used to support refugees. Initially, Calvin was not keen on them being published, but when he saw the level... continue

On Being A Pastor: Understanding Our Work and Calling

Article by   February 2006
Frequently as a young pastor I wished there was someone who would provide advice and guidance on the numerous new matters I confronted. After graduating from seminary, I seemed to confront only new things. In fact, it led to a... continue

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Pastor, Keep Preaching the Gospel to Yourself!

Article by   July 2019
Do you want to be a gospel-centered pastor? Just keep preaching the gospel. Doing so is much more than merely pinning John 3:16 to the tail of every sermon or conversation. The first person we must preach the gospel... continue

A Peaceful Parting

Article by   May 2019
I suspect that if we conducted a careful study, we would find that dissolving a pastor's call when he isn't expecting it or disagrees with his session's (or elder board's) assessment is one of the most common experiences of both... continue

Ministering to Felt Needs

Article by   May 2019
There was this nice, new family who was visiting your church for the past month or so. But you haven't seen them now for a couple weeks, and so you ask someone who was more connected with them: "What... continue

When Discontent Sheep Show Up

Article by   January 2019
Most pastors have heard the complaints of visitors coming from other local churches. It is not uncommon for believers to grow discontent with their circumstances and begin looking elsewhere for a new church family at some point in their... continue

Doing Doctrine Pastorally?

Article by   October 2018
As Reformed churches face an array of social challenges and pastoral concerns, I have found the idea spreading that we must "do" doctrine pastorally. That is, we must decide the Bible's teaching based on how we think it will... continue

When Preaching is Not Your Thing...

Article by   January 2018
Pastoral ministry is exceedingly difficult; and, anyone would be hard pressed to find a pastor who hasn't entertained the thought of what life would be like if he were to do something else. Loving God, His church, and His... continue

Before You Go...

Article by   January 2018
I have served the same small congregation for over seven years now. I am not one of those who would consider myself to have had phenomenal success in the ministry--by most metrics. We did not grow exponentially and send... continue

How to Discourage Your Minister in the New Year

Article by   January 2018
I recently had someone come to see me who was struggling in their church. In all honesty it would have been hard to be more depressed by what they had to say. I had very little sympathy with their... continue

In Defense of the Sabbatical

Article by   May 2017
Pastoral ministry often feels like a 24/7 calling. A pastor can't leave the care of the people of God at the door of the office when the clock strikes 5 PM. While pastoring in the First World requires considerably less... continue

Being Pence-ive about Dinner with the Ladies

Article by   April 2017
Adultery among any people group is a serious and dreadful act in this fallen world. In fact, in an increasingly fatherless culture where divorce is becoming more and more the rule rather than the exception, one would argue that this... continue

A Pastoral Letter to Myself (In the Case that I Fall)

Article by   March 2017
Dear Self, You're much weaker than you think. Remember that Scripture says, "Let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall" (1 Corinthians 10:12). It's easy to look at men who have fallen in ministry with... continue

Shepherds and Self-Awareness

Article by   December 2016
When ministers and elders gather together, it is usual for them share their ministry burdens with each other. The calling of a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is high and hard; the weightiness of the... continue

The Guilt of Pastoral Ministry

Article by   September 2016
As I was re-reading a section of Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving, these words made a Facebook debut: "We asked our summit pastors, 'What obstacles stand in the way of your fruitful, growing walk with... continue

Faithfulness and Fruitlessness in Ministry?

Article by   June 2016
A couple of weeks ago a friend asked a question: "How would you encourage a faithful brother who had been pastoring for several years and has not, in that season, seen a conversion directly from his preaching, though the church... continue

The Pastor's Family and Friendships in the Church

Article by   May 2016
One of the pieces of advice that I received from a seasoned pastor when I was first beginning ministry was, "Don't befriend the people in your church. They will most certainly hurt you." I assumed his words were the result... continue

Navigating Dangers and Temptations in Ministry

Article by   April 2016
Throughout my twenty-plus years of following Jesus Christ and serving in His church, I have repeatedly seen pastors disqualify themselves for ministry. The moral failures of such ministers have led to confusion, pain, and even a crisis of faith for... continue

Cormac McCarthy on Ministerial Power

Article by   December 2015
I've been reading a good bit of Cormac McCarthy since late spring, when I have time for fiction anyway. McCarthy is a master of terse understated conversation and landscapes, and I happen to be a special admirer of landscapes--real and... continue

Alliance Pastor-in-Residence Dr. Ronald DiNunzio

Article by   December 2015
For over 60 years, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has been known for its commitment to the Reformed tradition. One of its seminal works, The Cambridge Declaration is a standard for the faith. As the culture continues to erode... continue

The Shepherd Leader: Shepherding to the Chief Shepherd's Glory

Article by   October 2015, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals newest web site, is the result of Alliance members who see the need to build up leadership teams that truly shepherd their churches. Be sure to bookmark the website and come back often.... continue

Painful revisiting

Article by   May 2015
In the light of recent events at the Thrive Conference involving Mr Driscoll, some readers may be interested in this article from a couple of months ago.... continue

Two-Kingdoms Pastoring [part 3]

Article by   March 2015
This is the third in a series exploring the theology of Two Kingdoms across a variety of topics. The first article can be found here, and the second here - EditorIt's tough being a pastor. I know because I've never dared try, but... continue

Curiosity Killed the Cat: Listening When You Shouldn't

Article by   September 2014
Having been raised on the cartoon television show, Tom and Jerry, I am accustomed to seeing Tom's curiosity lead to his demise. Time after time, he could not seem to learn that Jerry was craftier, perhaps wiser, and determined to... continue

One of the Pastor's Mottos

Article by   July 2014
Mottos (or slogans) are somewhat trendy. Within most organizations, you can expect to have one. They provide vision, core values, and direction for the overall trajectory of the institution. "An Army of One," "Have It Your Way Right Away," "Just... continue

So you want to be a Doctor?

Article by   July 2014
"...nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all" (Eccl. 9:11).PhD's are becoming more and more common, particularly in the church. For those in the church wishing to pursue postgraduate studies, here are a few... continue

Eclipsed By Money: A Reason for Church Growth

Article by   May 2014
As a church planter, numbers can often be a consuming topic. Without numbers, or "butts in the seats" as some say, you cannot launch a church plant. Therefore it is a constant prayer of mine, as well as those in... continue

Pastor: Will You Burn Out?

Article by   April 2014
I continue to be haunted by a question Tim Rice, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, asked me at the Hunger Games (also known as the PCA Assessment Center). As one of our assessors, he asked me during our two-hour interview,... continue

What I Wish I Had Done In Seminary (Part 2)

Article by   March 2014
ὁ δὲ νόμος οὐκ ἔστιν ἐκ πίστεως, ἀλλʼ ὁ ποιήσας αὐτὰ ζήσεται ἐν αὐτοῖς. Χριστὸς ἡμᾶς ἐξηγόρασεν ἐκ τῆς κατάρας τοῦ νόμου γενόμενος ὑπὲρ ἡμῶν κατάρα, ὅτι γέγραπται· ἐπικατάρατος πᾶς ὁ κρεμάμενος ἐπὶ ξύλου"I should know what this says," I... continue

What I Wish I Had Done In Seminary

Article by   March 2014
Seminary changed my life. Through the Bible teaching and supplementary readings, I gained a more robust view of God, his word and church, the sacraments, and my marriage. Perhaps because of the transformation that took place in my life, I... continue

The Crucifixion of Ministry

Article by   February 2014
As I prepare to gather a core group (or "launch team," depending on your perspective) for a church plant in Richmond, Virginia, I am attempting to get ahead by developing a leadership training manual. Thankfully I have many resources from... continue

Thomas Murphy Was Right

Article by   January 2014
Every organization has its own language. Computer programming companies speak C++. Accounting firms talk in pluses and minuses. The armed forces use a unique language as well. We use words like, "head," "scuttlebutt," "grinder," "salty." The latter is particularly interesting... continue

Pastors and Their Critics: Critics

Article by   April 2013
In yesterday's action-packed episode, I presented some ways ministers might deal with criticism. Today, I want to look at those who bring criticism to pastors.If you've been in a church for any length of time, you know the pastor's critics.... continue

Pastors and Their Critics: Pastors

Article by   April 2013
With due awareness of the liabilities, I would like to venture on to the delicate ice of how pastors should receive - and congregants give - criticism. The reason I feel emboldened to do so is that I have had,... continue
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