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PCRT Anthology Giveaway

Article by   March 2019
Since its inauguration in 1974, the Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology has hosted some of the most gifted and trustworthy pastors, theologians and speakers from around the world in order to teach God's word and sound doctrine. Among the celebrated... continue

Five Extraordinary Benefits of Pentecost

Article by   April 2018
We are wrapping the 2018 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology this weekend at Proclamation Presbyterian Church outside Philadelphia. Our theme this year is "Spirit of the Age - Age of the Spirit." As we have been celebrating the exalted... continue

PCRT Reading Recommendations

Article by   April 2018
This weekend we kickoff the 2018 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, meeting April 13-15 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our theme this year is The Spirit of the Age: The Age of the Spirit. I am excited to welcome Conrad... continue

Free R.C. Sproul Downloads

Article by   January 2018
Until the end of the month, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is giving our readers the opportunity to download audio from a variety of Conferences at which R.C. spoke over a 30 year period. If you visit Reformed Resources, you... continue

Persuasion of the Mind - Enflaming of the Heart

Article by   June 2015
You know the importance of sound doctrine preached. Yet in many churches God's Word is no longer preached. Congregations no longer bear fruit. Secularism seeps into churches, maybe even your church. Alliance members like you look to the Philadelphia... continue

Watch Live - Holiness and Honor: A Biblical View of Sex and Marriage

Article by   April 2015
Watch Live Friday, April 24th starting at 9:00 amWant to be a part of PCRT but can't make it to Philadelphia? Well at, you can watch the conference LIVE in the comfort of your home! Don't miss out on... continue

Alliance Member Survey - Bribe included

Article by   April 2015
Thank you for partnering with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Resourcing the Church would not be possible without Alliance Members help. You see both the need in today's culture centric church and the value of Alliance resources. Your support keeps us... continue

Proclamation Presbyterian Church hosts Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace

Article by   October 2014
Alliance member church Proclamation Presbyterian Church will be host Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace on October 19th at 6 pm. While it's not the Alliance's practice to promote every activity of every member church, with the recent success of the... continue

Must We Believe in an Historical Adam

Article by   July 2014
Pastor Mark Johnston leads us in a three-part series on the historical veracity of Adam. This work was done with the cooperation and encouragement of the Session of Proclaimation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr PA, home of this years Philadelphia... continue

Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT)

Article by   June 2014
There is a perennial need of God's people to protect God's holy things from worldly corruption. The need is particularly great today when so many professing Christians and churches are adopting the ways of the world to do the work... continue

New Venue for the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

Article by   October 2013
For almost 40 years the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT) has been synonymous with Tenth Presbyterian Church in center city Philadelphia. It was started there in 1974 by James Montgomery Boice, and as it grew and flourished, it was... continue

Beeke video on a real, historic, biblical Adam

Article by   July 2013
Watch Joel Beeke describe his address at Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 2013 where he argues the case for a real, historical, biblical Adam who was the federal head of the whole human race.Be sure to follow the other Alliance... continue

Sinclair Ferguson Interview

Article by   June 2012
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, host of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology has partnered with Philadelphia Biblical University to bring world class Reformed pastor theologians to campus.Jonathan Master, Dean of their School of Bible and Ministry, Director of the... continue

Pastors, elders, deacons, and church leaders -- Free Lunch!

Article by   January 2012
Pastors, elders, deacons, and church leaders -- Free Lunch! ...I thought that would get your attention. Read on, it's in here.It is my pleasure to invite you to learn more about the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology which is coming... continue

Christ the Center on These Last Days

Article by   April 2011
Our good friends over at Reformed Forum kindly interviewed Rick Phillips and me about our new book These Last Days. If you're not familiar with Christ the Center, stop by and take a listen! In addition to our recent chat,... continue

Get These Last Days for 50% Off

Article by   April 2011
Reformed Resources is offering These Last Days at 50% off! Pick up a copy of this book, which contains all the substance of last year's PCRT addresses, including chapters by Ligon Duncan, Michael Horton, Sinclair Ferguson and Paul David Tripp.... continue

PCRT Grand Rapids

Article by   March 2011
After a great time in Portland, PCRT heads to Grand Rapids this weekend (March 18-20). Be on the lookout for some postings here about all things PCRT! You can always register online here for any location.... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" by Eric Alexander

Article by   July 2010
Rev. Eric Alexander, Alliance Council member and long time speaker at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, has just released "Our Great God and Saviour" with The Banner of Truth Trust. While Rev. Alexander always told me he was no... continue
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