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Origen on Prayer

Article by   September 2018
Origen defended the importance of prayer, distinguishing God's providence from his foresight, and allowing that the overarching providence of God can actually be influenced by human prayer. continue

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Christological Confusion & China's Reforming Churches (part 6)

Article by   October 2015
This is the sixth post in a twelve-part series on the current Christological confusion taking root in China's emerging Reformed community (see part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).Second Statement: Platonic DualismAs noted at the end of the previous post (see part 5), his... continue

Apologetics & the Power of God's Word (including a little more from Origen)

Article by   December 2014
The primary apologetic value of the efficacy of God's word is obvious: the gospel is the power of God to save everyone who believes and the instrument the Spirit ordinarily uses to bring people to faith and keep and grow... continue

Origen on Scripture

Article by   November 2014
I've been doing a little reading in Origen's On First Principles today (written sometime before 225). It's a scandalous work on several counts, but is likely the first attempt at a systematic exposition of the faith in the post-apostolic era and... continue
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