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Soul Food and Spiritual Drink

Article by   October 2019
Humans are complex creatures, consisting of body and soul. God formed us out of the dust of the ground (Gen. 2:7a). He gave us bodies, making us physical creatures. And He nourishes our bodies with physical things. The Lord provides food to satisfy our hunger and drink to quench our thirst. continue

Theophany: A Biblical Theology of God Appearing

Article by   April 2018
When we are looking for God's Word to edify us, instruct us, or correct us, it is much easier to turn to Philippians than to wonder how the Commander of the Army of the Lord (Josh. 5:13-15) helps me be more Christ-like at the next parent-teacher conference. This difficulty means that, for many of us, theophanies are a gold mine that remains largely unexplored. continue

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? A Review

Article by   February 2012
Dr. C. John Collins, professor of Old Testament at Covenant Seminary, has written a book that deals with a subject that may turn out to be a watershed issue for many within evangelical and reformed groups. Although Collins argues for the historicity of Adam and Eve, the way the argument is presented raises significant concerns not only for the interpretation of Scripture, but also for the character and authority of Scripture. The purpose of this review will be to try to lay out the argument of the book and then to show the problems and implications of the argument. continue

The Epic of Eden

Article by   March 2009
In other words, if Christians are going to better understand the revelation of God in the NT they must also grow in their understanding of the OT, for it is all God's word. continue

A Surrejoinder to Peter Enn's Response to G. K. Beale's JETS Review Article of HIs Book, Inspiration and Incarnation EDITOR'S NOTE: The article below is a surrejoinder from G.K. Beale in response to Peter Enns's published rejoinder to Dr. Beale's rev

Article by   December 2006
I thank Peter Enns for responding to my review article of his book, Inspiration and Incarnation.[1] It has been the policy of JETS not to allow surrejoinders, so I was not able to write one in that journal. I am... continue

A Husband Looks at Genesis 3:16

Article by   June 2006
Genesis 3:15 gives one of the Bible's greatest promises. It is God's curse against the serpent, and his first proclamation of the gospel: "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he... continue

Hagar, Sarah, and their Children

Article by   June 2006
Another subtitle should be added to this book, thus reading: Hagar, Sarah, and Their Children: Feminist Perspective. The seven women writers--Jewish, Christian and Muslim seek to focus on Hagar, Sarah, Ishmael and Isaac. In the preface, the editors make it... continue

Three Books on the Bible: A Critical Review

Article by   April 2006
The last few years have witnessed the publication of several books on the Bible, most of which are in some measure innovative. In addition to the three I shall review in this essay, one cannot overlook Peter Jensen's The Revelation... continue

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

Article by   April 2006
A book about the identity and purpose of the Bible must be of interest to any serious Christian. But at first glance Inspiration and Incarnation seems daunting. Peter Enns, a Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia,... continue

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Worship That Smells: Calvin on Genesis 8

Article by   September 2019
Noah's first deed upon exiting the ark -- at least as recorded in Scripture -- was to build an altar and offer unto God sacrifices. He did this from the "clean" animals and birds which had accompanied him and his... continue

Known by His Works

Article by   September 2019
Editor's Note: This is the second part in a series on the relationship between education and fatherhood. Read part one here, and watch for more in the weeks ahead! As mentioned in my last post, education means shaping and filling,... continue

Education and Fatherhood

Article by   August 2019
Editor's Note: This is the first part in a series on the relationship between education and fatherhood. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for part two!"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters." -- George Herbert"I write not these things... continue

Embracing God's Rest

Article by   July 2019
The following is taken from the introduction to Entering God's Rest by Ken Golden, a thorough-yet-accessible discussion of the Sabbath and its relevance for us today. You can purchase the book here (also available as an eBook and on Amazon Kindle). We live in a busy world. Our... continue

Read Like an Apostle

Article by   November 2018
The early disciples gave evidence of the concept of Christ as the target of the Old Testament; but, should we read the Old Testament like they did? That is an ever pressing hermeneutical question. I want to suggest that... continue

A Word from an Alliance Board Member

Article by   December 2017
Thomas Martin, member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals board of directors, reflects on the legacy of R.C. Sproul and his relationship with the Alliance:When James Boice died of liver cancer in June of 2000, his close friend R. C.... continue

5 Reasons to Study Old Testament History

Article by   June 2016
In case you missed it last week, contributor David Murray gives us 5 Reasons to Study Old Testament History. 5 REASONS TO STUDY OLD TESTAMENT HISTORYby David MurrayShakespeare wrote that each person's history is "a tale told by an idiot,... continue

The Old Testament's Message to Our Culture

Article by   May 2016
What can the Old Testament possibly say to our culture? It seems a million miles and sometimes a million years away from our time, our generation, and our problems. How can something so old address all the new challenges of... continue

Christ in all the Scriptures and Jesus on every page

Article by   August 2013
I was grateful to be offered an early glimpse of David Murray's latest book, Jesus On Every Page (Thomas Nelson, 2013) (see below for a giveaway and special launch offer). It did not disappoint.Imagine, if you will, an art gallery... continue
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