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Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

Article by   September 2015
It is obvious to me from nature that killing children (born or unborn) is unambiguously a Bad Thing. At the same time, the foregoing has not historically been taken as obvious--or, at least, human beings often have not acted in accordance with that truth. One could note in this regard the widely accepted Roman practice of the exposure of unwanted infants. Why does it seem obvious to me, while at the same time it was not regularly treated as such by our ancient forebears to whom we owe so much in other respects? What am I taking for granted in my opening sentence? continue

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Natural Law and the Public Square

Article by   July 2017
Being fully committed to the Protestant Reformed tradition--especially as it is represented at Westminster Theological Seminary--I have developed a basic understanding of natural law theories over the years. If by "natural law" we mean a moral order that is... continue
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