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Now That I Think About It...

Article by   October 2014
...maybe I was "converted under duress." This is one of Captain Believer's Baptism Only's arguments against my fellow MoS co-hosts. It was my third pregnancy. My husband grew up Catholic, and was therefore double dipped when we had attended a Baptist... continue

So There I Was...

Article by   May 2014
...sitting in a mid-rear pew next to my pastor's son and friend, Greg, eager to hear what Phil Johnson had to say about The Glory of God. After enjoying the morning messages and a good lunch break, I was ready... continue

Mortification of Spin - First Season

Article by   March 2014
Mortification of Spin - First SeasonThe crew of Mortification of Spin is rounding a milestone shortly (no, the right shade of hair plugs have not yet been found) with their one year mark approaching soon. But we have taken all... continue

Totes Magotes

Article by   December 2013
I stumbled upon an article making a prediction for journalism in 2014. Jason Kottke announces that the blog is dead. Basically, his conclusion is that "blogs are for 40-somethings with kids." Ouch! You can imagine how offended I was as... continue

"The Mortification of Spin"

Article by   February 2013
For those who don't know of it, you may be interested to hear that Todd Pruitt and Carl "I'm not a celebrity, I'm just high-profile" Trueman are building their empire with a podcast entitled The Mortification of Spin. According to... continue
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