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Identical Equity?

Article by   May 2019
The battle cry of "equity" serves as a summons to action, or at least outrage, wherever a person feels an injustice, or a passing over. The trouble for Christians is, in a field of politically charged verbage, words like... continue

The Cost of Leadership

Article by   June 2017
In the business world, there's regular talk of building the right team and how to woo the right people in order to steer the ship when current commitments seem to be hindering production. With the right relationships and the... continue

Sex, Power, and Money: Be Careful Who Owns You

Article by   March 2016
"If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize" - VoltaireIf the three sisters of grace are faith, hope, and love, we may also say the three sisters of the flesh... continue

Eclipsed By Money: A Reason for Church Growth

Article by   May 2014
As a church planter, numbers can often be a consuming topic. Without numbers, or "butts in the seats" as some say, you cannot launch a church plant. Therefore it is a constant prayer of mine, as well as those in... continue
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