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Vatican Files no.16

Article by   January 2013
The priestly prayer of the Lord Jesus in John 17 is unanimously recognized as one of the foundational texts, if not the text par excellence, dealing with Christian unity. There our Lord prays to the Father for His disciples to be one. The pattern of their unity is the relational life of the Trinity. As Father and Son are one, so Jesus prays for his disciples that their unity will be "as" the Triune God is one. continue

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Understanding Opponents

Article by   August 2018
Of the numerous regrets I have in life, not having been more understanding of others ranks high on the list. I have, many times, drawn hasty conclusions about others without having considered all that may factor into their lives. Many... continue

Lloyd-Jones on Racism and the Gospel

Article by   July 2018
There was a recent advertisement on Twitter for a Christian event in Mobile, AL titled, "Shrinking the Divide: A Gathering for Racial Reconciliation" featuring John Perkins and Russell D. Moore. There were some immediate negative responses from numerous professing... continue
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