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Basics of the Reformed Faith Series: What Is the Lord's Supper and What Is Conversion

Article by   September 2005
Reformed Christians are notorious for recommending books, myself included. Over the years, I have had dozens of conversations about the Reformed faith, which, in many cases, have ended with a book suggestion. I have, on select occasions, even gone as... continue

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Calvin on the Sacraments

Article by   December 2016
For some, John Calvin seems to be at his most feisty when he writes on the sacraments. Against those who complain that infant baptism is a travesty of the Gospel, in the Institutes he stoutly insists, "these darts are aimed more... continue

Hughes Oliphant Old: A Personal Remembrance

Article by   May 2016
Tomorrow the remains of Hughes Oliphant Old (April 13, 1933 - May 24, 2016) will be interred at the Christian Street Cemetery in White River Junction, Vermont. A prince in Israel has died, leaving behind mourners who will miss both his genteel... continue

Why Intinction Matters

Article by   January 2013
One of the Book of Church Order amendments making the rounds of PCA presbyteries this year is a proposed change to forbid the practice of intinction.  For those not in the know, intinction is the procedure of receiving the Lord's... continue

The Lord's Supper

Article by   February 2009
 It is a pleasure to recommend this latest book on The Lord's Supper by my friend and colleague Dr Malcolm Maclean of Scalpay Free Church. What I like about it is not only the survey of the biblical, historical... continue
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