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Doing and being

Article by   January 2015
It is too easy to make our witness to Christ programmatic and mechanical. There is no doubt that some measure of order and organisation is often profitable. There are many right and proper endeavours that demand structure, planning and management... continue

Press on for the "Well done!"

Article by   September 2013
Another snippet from Fuller, this time from an ordination sermon from Matthew 25.21, concerning the work and encouragements of the Christian minister. As he does often in such writings, Fuller fixes his eye on the last day and the great... continue

Christ in all the Scriptures and Jesus on every page

Article by   August 2013
I was grateful to be offered an early glimpse of David Murray's latest book, Jesus On Every Page (Thomas Nelson, 2013) (see below for a giveaway and special launch offer). It did not disappoint.Imagine, if you will, an art gallery... continue

Preaching Christ

Article by   January 2013
A last snippet, for now, from Thomas Foxcroft's The Gospel Ministry once more, fairly early on in his sermon, exhorting himself and other ministers to preach Jesus in every sense:Ministers then must study to feed their flocks with a continual... continue
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