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Wisdom Christology in the Gospel of John: The Prologue

Article by   July 2017
Having grown up in traditional Black churches, I have learned that being Reformed is more than simply assenting to a number of important doctrines (e.g. the doctrine of grace, the regulative principle of worship, covenant theology, etc.). By sitting under... continue

Logos 6 arrives

Article by   October 2014
The friends at Faithlife were kind enough to send me an advance copy of Logos 6 to play around with. Current users of Logos will already have a pretty good notion of what they are dealing with. New or prospective... continue

Logos 5: thoughts on utility

Article by   July 2014
Looking at Logos 5, we have considered the underlying Logos 5 platform, and then considered the base packages available before surveying a specialist package. In the last part of this extended review, I want to ask the question, "Should you... continue

Logos 5: the specialist packages and bundles

Article by   June 2014
In our ongoing review of Logos 5, we have considered the underlying Logos 5 platform, and then considered the base packages available.Today, we move on to the specialist packages and bundles. Here, my example is the Gold Reformed package. That's... continue

Logos 5: the base packages

Article by   June 2014
Last week we began to look at the Logos 5 platform, assessing something of the underlying provision. Today we move on to the base packages. These come at a range of levels, the most popular likely to be Gold, Silver... continue

Logos 5: the underlying platform

Article by   June 2014
(Note: while there is an almost endless variety of material available from Logos Bible Software, this compound review is based around Logos Bible Software 5, the Bronze base package, and the Gold Reformed package.)From time to time, Logos gets a... continue

Baptibits (and more) at Logos

Article by   May 2014
A few weeks ago I drew attention to some community pricing offers at Logos that might be of interest to Baptists. Of those, the Baptist Covenant Theology Collection has now crept over the edge and is now available (as a... continue

Baptist gold: Logos community pricing offers

Article by   March 2014
I have recently been looking into and using Logos a little more (review on its way, I hope) and I thought I might draw attention to a few bits and pieces. For those who don't know, the Logos reader is... continue
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