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More Resources on Depression

As a follow up to Todd's post on resources on depression, I wanted to share a few items that the Alliance keeps around on the topic. These and more can be found at And as a reminder, if you are a Friend of the Alliance, your shipping is free; if you are part of our President's Circle, we would be happy to give you these resources for free!

Audio: (available as both CD and MP3)
Alliance collection - "My Portion Forever, Finding God's Joy in our Pain" -
James Boice - "Hearing God When You Hurt" -
Donald Barnhouse - "Sickness and Suffering" -

Dr. Boice & Dr. Barnhouse - "Anxiety and Depression" -
Donald Barnhouse - "Emotions, Nerves and Christianity" -
Classic Spurgeon - "Christ the Cure for Troubled Hearts" -

David Murray - "Christians Get Depressed Too" -
Ligon Duncan - "Does Grace Grow Best in Winter" -
James Boice - "Hearing God When You Hurt" -

Those of you in the greater Philadelphia area may be interested in this year's Church Leaders' Conference at Cairn University.  This one-day conference is next Thursday and the plenary speaker is our good friend, Ligon Duncan.  The conference is organized at Cairn by Jonathan Master, executive editor of the Alliance's Place for Truth web site.

What Are You Interested in?

I came across this gem in editing an upcoming book on the doctrine of Scripture, from our own Dr. J. Ligon Duncan, III, on 2 Tim 3:16-17. Pastor and people: read these lines carefully before the Lord's Day:

"Put in popular terms, the apostle Paul is saying that the Bible is inherently practical. It is not your pastor's job to make it practical. It already is. It's the most practical book in the world. And the only reason we think it's impractical to hear the Word of God expounded is that we're interested in other questions and other things. But I want to tell you this: it is the questions addressed and the things spoken of in the Word of God that are truly practical. And if we are interested in other questions and other things, we're interested in the wrong things, because there is nothing impractical in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation."

Calvin For Today

Calvin For Today, is a new volume including essays by Ligon Duncan, Derek Thomas, and others. It is a compilation of the addresses given at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary's annual conference in August 2009. The book contains a wealth of information and practical applications about how to use Calvin's thought in our challenging day. Topics include Calvin on preaching Christ from the Old Testament, missions, the church, Scripture, the Spirit's work, redemption, ethics, believers' benefits, the early church, reprobation, marriage, and reforming the church.

A highlight is Ligon Duncan's chapter on "The Resurgence of Calvinism in America." The book concludes with a summary chapter by the editor, Joel Beeke, who expounds twelve reasons Calvin is important for us today. Additional writers include Jerry Bilkes, Michael Haykin, Nelson Kloosterman, David Murray, Joseph Pipa, Neil Pronk, Donald Sinnema, Derek Thomas, and Cornel Venema. Written at the lay person's level, and retaining a flavor of the spoken style, it is informative, stimulating, and practical.

Available through the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals at