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Trinity: The Two Natures of Christ

In this new 8 message set, Trinity: The Two Natures of Christ, Liam Goligher continues his study of the Trinity from the Book of Hebrews. Visit the Trinity web page to learn more about what sparked this sermon series.

If Christians confuse what is true of Jesus Christ as a human being with what is true of the Eternally Divine Son, they make very serious errors indeed. The most obvious is to conflate the exaltation of the Son of God from all eternity with the welcome given by the Father to the God-Man Christ Jesus, who redeemed God's elect through a sacrificial death. So, in these great teachings, a course correction is long overdue. We must adore Jesus Christ our Lord, both fully Son of Man and fully Son of God.

Messages in this series include:
Mary, Did You Know?
Better By Design
Heirs of Salvation
In the Train of His Triumph
Lower Than the Angels
What If God Was One of Us?
The Son and His Family
After the Passion

Trinity: The Two Natures of Christ is available from on CDs or as MP3 on CD or MP3 downloads.

The Trinity: Pastoral Implications Podcast

theology_on_the_go 081116.png 
This week on Theology on the Go, our host, Dr. Jonathan Master is joined by Dr. Liam Goligher. Dr. Goligher began serving as Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in May of 2011. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Goligher has served as Senior Minister in Ireland, Canada, London, England, and his native, Scotland.

Dr. Goligher has contributed to more than ten books and authored four: A Window on Tomorrow (Christian Focus, 1994), The Fellowship of the King (Carlisle, 2003), The Jesus Gospel (Milton Keynes, 2006), and Joseph--The Hidden Hand of God (Fearn, 2008). His Sunday sermons are webcast on the internet and on the radio program No Falling Word. Continue reading...
You slip into your car, turn on the ignition, and soon slide your fingers over the radio dial, spinning it till something catches your ear and makes you pause. Maybe it's a preacher. Sermons on the radio are about as close to street preaching as you come. They allow people to stumble upon them, listen unobserved, and perhaps find their hearts drawn to the Word of God.

Desiring to reach beyond their walls, Tenth Church has begun broadcasting Dr. Liam Goligher's sermons on WNTP (990 AM). The program, No Falling Word, airs Sundays from 8:30-9:00 AM and is produced by the Alliance. The Alliance is making past shows available on the program's webpage and will soon offer them via iTunes as well.

WNTP is a talk radio station. Tenth chose it because Arbitron studies show that despite rapidly changing media, adults aged 30-65 continue to rely on the radio for news. Talk radio continues to thrive.

To fit Liam's sermons in the half-hour slot, the Alliance staff splits them into two segments to be aired consecutive weeks. The first thing listeners hear is Liam mid-sermon making  a crucial point against the background of surging music. Then the announcer cuts in: "You are listening to No Falling Word with Liam Goligher" and gives a quick synopsis of the sermon that follows. The broadcast is kicking off with the series "Tempted: Adam, Jesus, and Me" which Liam preached Sunday evenings last spring.

The program's title comes from 1 Samuel 3:19 where the writer, having told how God called Samuel as a prophet, notes "the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground." God himself undergirds the preaching of his word: there are no falling words.
For almost 40 years the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT) has been synonymous with Tenth Presbyterian Church in center city Philadelphia. It was started there in 1974 by James Montgomery Boice, and as it grew and flourished, it was taken to many other venues throughout America over the years. Now, as it prepares for its 40th anniversary celebration, it is on the move.

Recent years have seen some significant developments in the life and organization of PCRT's parent body, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, not least the decision to relocate its headquarters from downtown Philadelphia to Lancaster, PA. This move occurred largely for logistical reasons, and it has proved worthwhile in many ways. It has also led to a number of other changes in the Alliance's larger frame of operation.

It was in this context that the future of the PCRT conference came under review, especially in terms of its venue. After lengthy discussions with the leadership at Tenth, the Alliance felt that, after a long and happy relationship between their respective bodies, there would be merit in moving the conference to a new location. 

With the desire to keep the conference in the greater Philadelphia area, the Alliance approached the leadership of Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr in the western suburbs of the city to explore the possibility of its hosting the conference. Proclamation and Tenth have long enjoyed a close relationship and have strongly supported the work of both the Alliance and PCRT through the years. 

Proclamation counted it a privilege to have been asked to host the conference and was glad to accept the invitation to do so, knowing full well that Tenth has set the highest standards for what it entails. Its elders, staff, and members are looking forward to taking on this responsibility for the 2014 event.

Tenth's elders and senior minister Dr. Liam Goligher remain enthusiastically committed to the work of the Alliance and to the ministry of PCRT and join the elder body of Proclamation and their senior minister Rev. Mark Johnston in supporting the conference and seeking God's richest blessing on its ongoing work. 

The shared prayer of the Alliance and these two churches is that the ministry of PCRT will continue to bless the church at large and continue to spread the rich and vital heritage of Reformation theology through the USA and to the wider world for many years to come. 

You can't be serious!' is one of the most common reactions when I tell people we're planning to tackle a serious study of the entire book of Romans in just under 24 hours. You can almost see their minds racing as they imagine a marathon, through-the-night, verse-by-verse exposition of the most famous of Paul's letters. So, after their panic attack has subsided, I gently tell them that's not quite what we have in mind.

Romans in a Weekend, as it was first called, began in Philadelphia back in the 80's under the leadership of ames Boice and Sinclair Ferguson. Their aim was to provide a carefully crafted overview of the book, supported by study guide materials that would allow people to feel at ease with a book that so often intimidates them. It by no means tried to say all that could be said about Romans, but it said enough to encourage people to really get into it for themselves. 

The mini-conference proved so successful in Philadelphia that it morphed into Romans in 24 Hours and effectively went coast-to-coast across the States and even as far as Scotland. Well, after over a decade since it was last aired, the idea has been revived, adapted for a 21st century audience (Ro24) and is being re-launched in Bryn Mawr, PA at Proclamation Presbyterian Church. Sinclair Ferguson will be back as one of its keynote speakers along with Liam Goligher and Mark Johnston. Dr. Ferguson will be preaching both services in Proclamation on the next day, which happens to be Reformation Sunday.

Here's a great opportunity to be exposed to a first rate introduction to the Book of Romans and discover why this book has in so many ways shaped the growth of Christians and Churches through the ages all over the world.

Be sure to register for the conference!

Editor's note:  Watch Mark Johnston, senior pastor of Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, PA and iam Goligher, senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, PA, talk about the history and idea behind the Romans in 24 Hours conference: 

Be sure to look for other Alliance videos at YouTube by entering "Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals" in the YouTube search bar.

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals seeks other event venues and concepts like Romans in 24 Hours.  If you would like to host an event or just want to learn more about the Alliance, contact: Robert Brady, executive director at 215-546-3696 ext. 33 or by email at

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