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Crack Pipes, Ouija Boards, and the PCA: Then and Now

Article by   May 2014
If these statistics are accurate, as a high school drop-out I may have cost the American people some $200,000 "in lost earnings, taxes, and productivity." Humanly speaking, I am the product of a passionate evening between two people and a crack... continue

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Comments About the Church Plant Initiative

Article by   April 2014
What do you think about our church plant initiative in Richmond, Virginia? From the outside looking in, you can only say so much. The video we created to spread the word and the website we have, which is dedicated to share... continue

Our Church Plant Bible Study (A Photo)

Article by   April 2014
God is doing amazing things at our Wednesday evening church plant Bible study. One of the parts I love is hearing and seeing the children participate. Last night our children read scripture, read the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and prayed. I... continue
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