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Lent me your ears

Article by   February 2015
In 1528 Catholic and Protestant theologians met in the city of Berne to debate a series of topics associated with the burgeoning Reform movement in Switzerland. "The Ten Theses of Berne" focused on issues such as the nature of the... continue

A Lenten warning

Article by   March 2014
Just in case someone thinks that the observance of Lent is not the start of a slippery slope, consider the following sad case of a man who thought it did not matter much . . .... continue

Not relenting

Article by   March 2014
I know I have been here before, but it is that time of year when we hear of those noble spirits who will be relinquishing chocolate (Book of Additions, chapter 1, verse 28), smartphones (Second Letter to the Accretions, chapter... continue

Giving up Lent

Article by   February 2013
Because, judging by the annual jamboree, this piece on Lent (and other festivals) is still relevant.... continue

This Lent I am giving up . . . reticence

Article by   March 2012
I will make no bones about it: I am an Old World (for which please read 'continental European') Christian, of Puritan inclination, and a Dissenter - specifically, a Particular or Reformed Baptist. That means several things. By conviction and heritage... continue
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