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The Fruit of the Spirit 3: Joy

Article by   July 2015
Christian joy is an element in the renewal of human life and affections which is purposed by God the Father, accomplished by God the Son and brought to completion by God the Holy Spirit. Followers of Christ are appointed and summoned to participate in this renewal, and to do so intelligently and actively, that is, with the knowledge of faith which derives from divine instruction and which issues in conversion of life. This participation requires understanding something of our created nature: its original form; its devastation by sin; its renovation and reestablishment; the afflictions and consolations which accompany its progress to completion; its future satisfaction in God. continue

The Joy of the Reformed

Article by   December 2009
I wasn't born and raised in the Reformed church.  In other words, I am a Reformed immigrant.  Like many people in the Reformed church today, I migrated out of broad based evangelicalism and non-denominationalism.  Many of my friends, both ministers... continue

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The Joy of Justification

Article by   May 2019
Theologians have often considered justification by faith alone to be "the heart of the Gospel" for the simple reason that justification is a legal declaration of pardon and righteousness--a once-for-all judicial act of God toward believers. Justification is judicial not... continue

Sticking Your Tongue Out at Suffering

Article by   March 2019
On the surface, Paul's observation in Philippians 1:14 that "most of the brothers" in Rome--where Paul was chained to a member of the imperial guard awaiting the outcome of his judicial appeal to the emperor Nero--had become "more confident... continue

The Incarnate Confrontation

Article by   January 2019
We've all given and received gifts this past year, and I imagine the majority of those gifts were probably intended to be used in some way, not just owned or placed on a shelf unopened. But it's likely you've... continue

Whate're My God Ordains is Right

Article by   May 2018
May 10, 2018 was the most beautiful yet painful day of our lives. Our long-awaited daughter, Dayna Euphemia, safely entered into the world and became part of our family. This is our family's story about the pain, hope, sorrow... continue

Affliction Evangelism

Article by   May 2017
"This light momentary affliction," Paul writes, "is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison" (2 Cor. 4:17). Paul's use of the singular noun "affliction" in 2 Cor. 4:7 is intriguing. Paul doesn't say afflictions (plural),... continue

Hell's Horrors vs. Heaven's Happiness (Updated)

Article by   May 2015
Updated: response to Professor Helm below.When we speak of grace, hell, heaven, etc., we must not merely speak in generalities, but as specific as the Scriptures allow us, which includes good and necessary consequences (Matt. 22:32). Someone may reference the... continue

Concerning mere happiness

Article by   September 2014
You will probably have seen the latest clip of Osteenian wisdom circulating on the interweb. A gleaming Victoria, cheered by the crowd and with husband Joel oozing agreement in the background, announces the following:I just want to encourage every one... continue

The road to joy

Article by   March 2014
I have just returned from a very pleasant week of fellowship and ministry among the Reformed Presbyterians in Northern Ireland. It was my privilege to preach at the Knockbracken Bible Week, as well as at a men's meeting beforehand, and... continue

The Man of Joy

Article by   August 2012
If creation provides the basic mold filled by redemptive re-creation (Is 45:18; Rev 7:9; 1 Cor 15:45), and if human fathers with their children, however finitely or imperfectly, image God as the Father of His children (Matt 7:11; Heb 12:7),... continue

Fearless Leader

Article by   April 2008
Ligon Duncan has published a book called Fear Not, the compilation of several address he gave recently on the topic of death and dying at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson.... continue
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