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Overcoming Sin & Temptation

Article by   December 2006
J. I. Packer's endorsement of John Owen's treatment of sin in an introduction to the 1983, Multnomah Press edition of Owen's writings on sin, Sin and Temptation, contained the following effusive words: He told me how to understand myself as... continue

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Preparing Sermons with John Owen

Article by   October 2016
After a cracking day at the Evangelical Library in London on "Reading John Owen" (opening, it has to be said, with Nigel Graham giving what may be one of the finest popular introductions to the life of Owen that... continue

King David & John Owen on Covenant Security

Article by   February 2016
In a remarkable scene at the end of David's life, the sweet singer of Israel reflects on his life and his hope for the future.  We can well understand that David would be concerned for the future well-being of his... continue

John Owen was an Anglican

Article by   January 2016
Having previously proved without any shadow of a doubt that the great John Owen was not a Baptist, no, definitely not a Baptist, and certainly not a Presbyterian, it is important that we now go one step further. In this... continue

The Westminster Conference 2015: "The Power of God for Salvation"

Article by   June 2015
The Westminster Conference will take place later this year, God willing, in central London at Regent Hall on Oxford Street. As usual, there are two days of lectures and discussion, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December. The outline for the... continue

John Owen was not a Presbyterian

Article by   February 2015
In the last month or two on Reformation21, I think it's safe to say I have decisively proven once and for all that:1. John Wesley was an Arminian.2. John Owen was a Paedobaptist.I have been challenged to prove other self-evident... continue

John Owen: still not a Baptist

Article by   January 2015
Well, if I thought it was bad when I exposed a few less-well-known things about John Wesley, that's nothing compared to what happens when you touch the sacred shibboleths of Owenian Baptists!There was a bit of a social media frenzy... continue

John Owen was never a Baptist

Article by   January 2015
I remember once telling a friend at church that I was going to go do a PhD on John Owen. They replied, "Oh yes, I know him. He's that great Baptist theologian." Somewhat startled, I thought I'd since made this point... continue

Owenian musings on God's eternal decree

Article by   August 2014
I've been working of late on the doctrine of the pactum salutis, i.e., the eternal covenant between the Father and the Son concerning the redemption of elect sinners. Here, as in so many places, John Owen is instructive. Although it... continue

Call Me Maybe

Article by   July 2014
How do we deal with the tricky matter of pastors moving from one congregation to another? Some time ago I was in a session meeting with my elders, discussing my salary, and the phone rang (a long distance call). Within a... continue

Concessions and contentions

Article by   January 2014
I may have fallen victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is, "Never get involved in a land war in Asia," but only slightly less well known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian when death... continue

Not so unlikely?

Article by   January 2014
Though Carl reports that the arrival of a formal liturgy at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs is considered a surprise, if I remember John Owen correctly, he would probably be expecting it.I cannot recall the precise place (I... continue
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