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Hope and Healing

Article by   October 2014
The Bible provides numerous examples of God delivering his people from suffering, oppression, and violence. In Gen. 6-9, we read of God's judging the "violence" (6:11) of a world gone wrong, and through that judgment, delivering Noah and his family. The book of Exodus tells of God "remembering" His covenant and "hearing" (Ex. 2:23-24) the groans of His people suffering violence under the domineering hand of Egypt. God's people suffer, they cry out, and God hears. continue

The Cure for Shame

Article by   September 2014
"Shame. Boatloads of shame. Day after day. More of the same. Blame. Please lift it off. Please take it off. Please make it stop." Those words are not just the lyrics to a famous Avett Brothers' song, they are also words under which a lot of us live. To live in this world is to experience shame. Boatloads of shame. continue

Jesus' Blood and Righteousness

Article by   January 2009
Brian Vickers', Jesus' Blood and Righteousness, is a work of careful exegesis and synthesis that attempts to establish a biblical basis for the doctrine of the imputation of Christ's righteousness. This doctrine, so vital to the Reformation, has come under attack in recent years from a variety of critics. continue

Surveying the Wondrous Cross: The Atonement in Church History

Article by   November 2008
As with so many aspects of theology, the church has had to wrestle with the doctrine of the atonement. While the elements for a proper and full understanding of the atonement were readily at hand for theologians in the early church, it would take maturity and sometimes even controversy for the church to come to a clear grasp of just what it was that Scripture told us about the atoning death of Christ. continue

The Advantage of Virtual Church

Article by   October 2008
All the time the local church is bleeding because people have lost their commitment to the nitty gritty of church life. Some are frustrated that their ministers aren't half as good as the ones they hear online. continue

Fit For A King

Article by   October 2008
Those of you who have been introduced to Ridderbos may think a discussion of the kingdom involves a long, tedious and boring excursion. I hope that is not the case. What I have to say will not be as long and I hope not as tedious Ridderbos. continue

Surveying the Wondrous Cross: New Testament Pictures for the Atonement

Article by   September 2008
In this segment we will be considering the New Testament's rich and evocative vocabulary for the work of Christ on the cross. I would suggest that there are five major word-pictures for the atonement in the pages of the NT. I wish I could claim originality in what I want to unpack here, but I stand on the shoulders of several significant giants. continue

Mary of Bethany

Article by   August 2008
esus was on his way to Calvary. He had made it increasingly a matter of conversation since the time he spoke with Peter at Caesarea Philippi (Mark 8:27-38). In this, the last week of his life, he made trips each evening to Bethany, a small town a few miles away from Jerusalem. continue

The Atonement in Context of Covenant Theology

Article by   August 2008
I have been enraptured with the cross of Christ ever since I was drawn to Christ by his Holy Spirit working faith in me over 25 years ago. Ever since then I have come to an ever increasing awareness of the centrality of the cross for the Christian faith and for my own Christian walk. continue

Brief Encounters: The Woman of Samaria

Article by   July 2008
They met at well, Jacob's well. It is meant to bring to mind the fact that a courting ritual had taken place at this well. Jacob's father, Isaac, sent his servant Eleazer to find a bride for his son. He found her at a well. John (the author of the story) is telling us that a wooing of sorts is taking place here too: Jesus, the great Evangelist, is wooing this woman into the kingdom of God. continue

Komodo Dragons and the Virgin Mary: a Belated Christmas Story

Article by   December 2006
It's a tad late for this, but the story only broke a few days before Christmas. The London Times ran with the headline, "Wise Men seek a virgin Mother." Another newspaper ran the headline, "Lizard's Immaculate Conception." The story was... continue

Close, but no Cigar

Article by   December 2006
I recently had the pleasure to be present at the Bar Mitzvah of the son of a good friend. The pleasure was enhanced by the fact that the friend and I both hail from the UK and have found ourselves... continue

Star of Bethlehem

Article by   November 2006
  The star was so beautiful, large, and clear,That all the other stars of the skyBecame a white mist in the atmosphere.And by this they knew that the coming was nearOf the Prince foretold in prophecy. Thus wrote Henry Wadsworth... continue

Window on the Past The Council of Nicea Ph.D Student at Westminster Theological Seminary, and Pastor of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN

Article by   October 2006
Books, they say, are a preacher's whiskey. Like many students of theology and Church History, my study walls are encrusted with volume after volume beckoning me to, as C.S. Lewis once said in his essay, On the Reading of Old... continue

Lion King

Article by   September 2006
The lion is the only animal that can dare lay claim to the title "the king of the beasts." Really, there aren't any other serious candidates. What other animal has the regal bearing of a lion, with its magnificent... continue

Don't Let the PM's Spoil Your Christmas

Article by   December 2005
On 25th December - an arbitrary date in the calendar - most Christians celebrate the coming into flesh of the Eternal Word. We remember and rejoice in what has happened, without trying to turn the clock back and attempting to... continue

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

Article by   November 2005
Toothless Vampires and the Holy GrailIt is often suggested that John Milton's Paradise Lost is a better read than his Paradise Regained. It is easier to describe evil than goodness, easier to record the terrors of Hell than the beauty... continue

Fathers Playing Catch With Sons

Article by   September 2005
I always try to act surprised, but when my children give me a gift, I can usually guess what it is. Last year's Father's Day proved to be no exception. My suspicions were first aroused when Jack made the following... continue

Rarely, Rarely Comest Thou Spirit of Delight

Article by   July 2005
Rarely, rarely comest thou,Spirit of Delight!Wherefore hast thou left me nowMany a day and night?Many a weary night and day'Tis since thou art fled away.--P.B. Shelley So wrote the poet, Shelley, suggesting that life had darker moments more than brighter... continue

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The Whole and the Parts

Article by   November 2019
This is the second part of James Renihan's essay on the scope of theology. To read part one, click here. The Scope of the Whole We have already cited the common language of the great English Protestant Confessions, Presbyterian, Independent... continue

Theology on Target

Article by   November 2019
Theology on Target The Scope of the Whole (Which Is to Give All Glory to God) Part 1 On October 16, 1845, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote these familiar lines in a poem titled "The Arrow and the Song": I... continue

Origins of the Creed

Article by   September 2019
If you were a Christian living in the great port city of Alexandria, Egypt in the year 320, your life would likely be full of excitement. Less than 10 years before, the great Emperor Constantine had defeated his enemies, ended... continue

Worship That Smells: Calvin on Genesis 8

Article by   September 2019
Noah's first deed upon exiting the ark -- at least as recorded in Scripture -- was to build an altar and offer unto God sacrifices. He did this from the "clean" animals and birds which had accompanied him and his... continue

A Reason to Celebrate

Article by   July 2019
With July 4 just around the corner, many Americans are taking the time to reflect on their country's founding and the nature of freedom. But long before the Summer of '76 there came another declaration of independence: Adam's rebellion in... continue

What Do You Know?

Article by   February 2018
In January, Meet the Puritans began a new series studying Richard Muller's Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics. Join Danny Hyde in Week 6 as he discusses not just what we know, but how we know:What's theology? What does God know? What can... continue

What Should Christians Think about Cremation?

Article by   May 2016
Over recent years, I have noticed that more and more Christians are opting for the cremation of their bodies after death. The primary reason for this seems to be financial, as cremation is considerably more affordable than the pricey cost... continue

The Old Testament's Message to Our Culture

Article by   May 2016
What can the Old Testament possibly say to our culture? It seems a million miles and sometimes a million years away from our time, our generation, and our problems. How can something so old address all the new challenges of... continue

Grace and sin

Article by   December 2014
A number of pastoral issues have arisen recently which have brought home to me some particular truths and some particular emphases arising from them. Many of these situations are on the fringes of church life or outside it (though I... continue

Is Jesus on Every Page (in the Old Testament)?

Article by   October 2014
Is Jesus on every page in the Old Testament? According to the title of a recent book, he may be. Is Christ in every sentence (e.g., "tear out the fangs of the young lions, O Lord!" Ps. 58:6b)? Should we... continue

"Behold the blessèd Lamb of God"

Article by   August 2014
L.M. (Eden)Behold the blessèd Lamb of God,Who for the world poured out his blood;He died and suffered on the treeThat men the grace of God might see.Behold the bleeding Sacrifice -Salvation at unmeasured price.He came to this dark world below,God's... continue

Who is Jesus Christ - Mark Johnston

Article by   July 2014
Life and relationships have become all too superficial in our present age. It is the easiest thing in the world to say we know someone and yet really have nothing more than a nodding acquaintance. Indeed with the influence of... continue

"Every precious blessing"

Article by   June 2014
6 5. 6 5 (North Coates)Every precious blessingComes from God above;Everything we have isFrom his heart of love.Jesus is the best gift,Coming down to save:Dying for his people,Rising from the grave.Gracious Spirit, give usHearts to trust the Son,Souls that overflow... continue


Article by   April 2014
Last weekend brought with it all the brouhaha that seems to be the sadly-increasing norm among evangelicals with regard to 'holy week' and Easter Sunday. Now, I will deny no man the opportunity to preach about the risen Christ on... continue

The neutrality of bigness

Article by   April 2014
Last Lord's day, despite the absence of a few, we had an encouragingly large congregation. By some standards, it was large. By others, pitifully small. By ours, with a visiting family of believers, and a number of visitors from the... continue

Street Preaching According to Pipa and Venema

Article by   January 2014
In a recent edition of Christian Renewal (date: December 11, 2013), Ruth Vandyken, in her article, "Preaching Outside the Box and onto the Public Soapbox," interviewed Dr. Joseph Pipa--faculty at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary--and Dr. Cornel Venema--of Mid-America Reformed Seminary--requesting... continue

"Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End"

Article by   December 2013
11 11. 11 11 (To God be the glory [without refrain])Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End;My Saviour, my Shepherd, my Lord, and my Friend;The Righteous, the Holy, to you we will bringOur prayers and our praises, a sweet offering.A Prophet... continue

"How can this guilty sinner flee"

Article by   March 2013
C.M. (Godre'r Coed)How can this guilty sinner fleeThe judgement that is mine?How can a wretched man escapeThe punishment divine?Tell me where wrath and mercy meet;Show me God reconciled.Where can a rebel find true peace,Rest for a heart so wild?Come, take... continue

Losing Adam

Article by   February 2013
Losing Adam means losing so much more besides. That is because losing Adam is likely to prove the beginning of losing our Bibles. Like the gardener who decides to trim his hedge, he finds that an aggressive cut at one... continue

"I wander often from the way"

Article by   October 2012
8 8 6. D (Tresalem)I wander often from the way,And sin afflicts me every day:Oh, when shall I be pure?Christ leads me to the path again,And washes me from every stain,A cleansing full and sure.I hear the world's enticing voice,That... continue

The humility and jealousy of the Holy Spirit

Article by   September 2012
I remember hearing the story: a gathering of ministers in a place that had known God's blessing in an unusual degree in time past, grieving over the present low state of things and seeking the Lord for his return. They... continue

"Grace abounding! Oh the sweetness"

Article by   August 2012
8 7. 8 7 (Sussex)Grace abounding! Oh the sweetnessOf those words to sinful hearts.Trace the stream of heavenly mercyThat on darkened Calvary starts.Kings dispensing earthly splendoursCannot match our gracious Lord:Grace abounding! Oh the richesOf the bounty now outpoured.Grace divine! How... continue

"A mighty host of angels stands"

Article by   June 2012
8 7. 8 7. D (iambic) (Constance)A mighty host of angels standsAround Christ's throne in heaven;Their sinless tongues extol his worth,All praise to him is given;With awe recount his mighty works,His face behold with wonder,Lift up their voice to hymn... continue

See how he loves

Article by   May 2012
When the Jews saw Christ weep outside the tomb of Lazarus, this demonstration of his deep affection (compare Jn 11.3, 5) brought forth the declaration: "See how he loved him!" (Jn 11.36). His attitude and actions left the onlookers in... continue

Of sounds and silence

Article by   April 2012
Like many, you may be appalled at how often the Lord Jesus issues a command to those whom he has healed to keep silent about what has taken place and the command is immediately not just ignored but thoroughly trampled... continue

The happy ending

Article by   April 2012
I first remember the tension while watching Battle of the Planets as a small boy. To those who were spared such torments or denied such pleasures (depending on your take), and especially to those who just read that Wikipedia entry... continue

God's family on earth

Article by   March 2012
Having done a little travelling over the last few days, I should like to attest once more to the following:How glorious is the thought that there is a family even upon earth of which the Son of God holds Himself... continue

Absorbing and exuding Christ

Article by   February 2012
Continuing our thoughts on pastoral character, here is William Arnot:The more that the teacher absorbs for himself of Christ's love, the more benefit will others obtain from him. . . . Those who drink in most of the Master's spirit... continue

"That lovely, lovely man"

Article by   February 2012
Although I have posted this before elsewhere, I would like to let you know about a lady who belongs to the church which I serve. She can barely leave her home at present because of her physical condition, itself substantially... continue

Sharing Christ's Sufferings

Article by   April 2008
The newest volume in Crossway's Preaching the Word commentary series is David Helm's 1 & 2 Peter and Jude.  I expect most preachers will know this series of expositional commentaries, which is edited by Kent Hughes.  David Helm is one... continue
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