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Treading Through the Tenets: Triunity

Article by   January 2014
As a new year begins, I thought it might be helpful, to some at least, to put some flesh on the bones of "The Ten Tenets" of a Reformed apologetic, as those tenets are delineated and discussed in Covenantal Apologetics. So, what I propose to do is to take a new Tenet each month, for ten (or so) months, and explicate, briefly, something of their substance and significance for a Covenantal approach to apologetics. continue

What the Hijabi Witnessed (and What She Didn't)

Article by   August 2013
I have had the pleasure on a couple of occasions of sitting next to a girl wearing a hijab. Typically, this has occurred in departure lounges of airports or on the platforms of railway stations. Never has it happened in a place of worship at the time of a service. Never, that is, until recently. continue

Insider Movements - Gutting the Bible

Article by   June 2013
Hindu-Followers-of-Jesus? Messianic Muslims? Is this something that we should be excited about? Or does it represent the most serious threat to the gospel that the modern missionary movement has yet encountered? David Garner's article "High Stakes: Insider Movement Hermeneutics and the Gospel" (1) is important because it gets under the skin of certain innovations in missions and to the heart of what they are missing - an organic, all-encompassing, gospel-centered hermeneutic. The message of the Bible, not only in its whole, but also in each of its parts, is the story of God's redemption of his people in Christ Jesus. I have spent most of my life among missionaries and institutions dedicated to reaching Muslims with the gospel. Ours is a unique frontier of Christian presence in the Muslim world, an Evangelical subculture, a sort of 'eco-system', if you will. A variety of perspectives and approaches have been cultivated in this eco-system for good and for ill, including what are known as Insider Movements (IM). continue

In Pursuit of a Faithful Witness

Article by   November 2011
Editor's Note: Western missionaries are producing Bible translations that remove "Father," "Son," and "Son of God," due to the offense that Muslims have over these terms for God. In response, the Presbyterian Church in America approved an overture declaring such translations as "unfaithful to God's revealed Word." Yet agencies like Wycliffe and SIL defend the practice, even writing the PCA about the overture. The agencies' appeal, along with a response by PCA pastor Scott Seaton, offers a valuable insight into the current thinking of Wycliffe and the most controversial trend in missions today. continue

Religion at 35,000 Feet

Article by   October 2006
There is something aleatoric about the content of these columns. Frankly, it depends on what has been buzzing around my head in the last seven days. And what is it this week? Well, a conversation with a Jewish lady who... continue

Hagar, Sarah, and their Children

Article by   June 2006
Another subtitle should be added to this book, thus reading: Hagar, Sarah, and Their Children: Feminist Perspective. The seven women writers--Jewish, Christian and Muslim seek to focus on Hagar, Sarah, Ishmael and Isaac. In the preface, the editors make it... continue

Freedom and Protest

Article by   July 2005
The last few weeks of international news have carried multiple reports of the rioting that has broken out across great swathes of the world as a response to the publication of apparently offensive cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. I say... continue

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Assessing Religious Militancy

Article by   March 2018
We are all distressingly familiar with debates over the nature of Islam. Is it a "religion of peace," or is it a religion of war and conquest? Is it essentially repressive and militant, or are there traditions and movements... continue

Three Reasons Why Christians & Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God

Article by   December 2015
The question of religious or spiritual unity between Christians and Muslims has come up in recent days, largely in response to political debate over the danger of admitting Muslims into our country.  On one extreme was the purported statement by... continue

On the Word, Wittenberg Beer, and Christian vs Islamic Expansion

Article by   November 2014
"I can drive no man to heaven or beat him into it with a club." So observed Luther on March 11th, 1522, in a sermon to Wittenberg parishioners. Though his point was rather obvious, Luther felt compelled to make it... continue


Article by   February 2012
A non-Christian friend of mine recently returned from a trip overseas. When I asked him how his trip was, he looked me in the eye and, with finger pointing and shaking in my face, steadfastly declared to me, "There is... continue

Full Version of "Towards a Faithful Witness" Available

Article by   November 2011
The full print version of Pastor Seaton's response is now available for download as a PDF. Simply go to the article "In Pursuit of a Faithful Witness" at and scroll about halfway down. Read the full version and pray... continue

Christ and/or Muhammad

Article by   January 2008
I want to thank John Piper for his bold rejoinder to A Common Word, an ecumenical movement to foster peace among Muslims and Christians.and especially to the Christian response from over 300 Christian leaders, including many leading Evangelicals.  As Piper points... continue
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