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Dr. Watts' Scheme

Article by   April 2019
Isaac Watts wrote nearly 600 hymns in the 18th Century. Churches around the world still sing many today. For instance, if you visited a congregation on any given Sunday in the English speaking world, it would not be a... continue

The Westminster Conference 2015: "The Power of God for Salvation"

Article by   June 2015
The Westminster Conference will take place later this year, God willing, in central London at Regent Hall on Oxford Street. As usual, there are two days of lectures and discussion, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December. The outline for the... continue

Watts up?

Article by   March 2014
Over at Particular Voices, we are reminded from Isaac Watts' Discourse of the Love of God and the Use and Abuse of the Passions that, in trying to navigate the Biblical route between dead orthodoxy (which ought always to be,... continue
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