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Serial Choice? Hermeneutics and a High View of the Bible"

Article by   September 2013
The grocery store cereal aisle has become a common metaphor for distinguishing the West from the rest of the world, and rightly so. Just after we moved to Eastern Europe years ago, my family and I began the hunt for cereal in our city. In due course, we found three cereal options. Yes, three. First we were disappointed, then resentful. Really? Only Honey Nut Cheerios, off-brand corn flakes and Muesli? continue

Our Make-Believe Parents: When Adam Becomes More Fiction than Fact

Article by   September 2013
In Sunday School rooms across a wide spectrum of churches, you will find Bible storybooks that, around page one, display pictures of Adam and Eve, with illustrators using their best judgment on whether to use well-placed leaves, strategic cropping, or selective poses appropriately to censor the reality of Adam and Eve's nakedness. It's the beginning of our story, and the beginning is sometimes as important as the end. But that reality, and more importantly our first parents' existence, has been and continues to be challenged and denied by some voices even within the church. continue

Intinction and Extinction: Where is Our Good Faith?

Article by   March 2013
To the surprise of some of my fellow elders in my Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) presbytery, I voted against the proposed language change to the Book of Church Order 58-5 concerning intinction.(1) It is not because I believe or practice intinction. In fact, in my estimation, the exegetical and historical arguments against intinction deliver a knockout blow continue

Background in Biblical Interpretation: Part 2

Article by   October 2012
Since there are such problems and yet some background information is valid and helpful, how can the average reader sort the useful from the spurious? I think there are a number of simple things. Here I will elaborate on some examples. continue

2012 ARP General Synod Faces Tough Decisions

Article by   June 2012
This upcoming meeting of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church's General Synod, scheduled for June 5-7, 2012, has the potential to be one of the more significant meetings of that body in recent memory. Judging from the contents of the Synod packet of materials sent out to delegates, a number of issues will elicit spirited discussion. continue

Scripture Alone: The Evangelical Doctrine

Article by   October 2005
This book contains a collection of essays on the doctrine of Scripture (covering almost a quarter century of material from 1974 to1996) all of which add light and justification to the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy of 1978 made by... continue

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Content to Know Enough

Article by   August 2018
When addressing the subject of the inerrancy of Scripture in light of difficulties with which we are confronted in Scripture, E.J. Young would teach his students the following truth: "The believer," he said "will labor to reconcile seemingly contradictory details... continue

Thank You for Providing a Place to Stand

Article by   November 2015
We all need a place to stand. The Christian's firm foundation is laid upon the inerrancy of Scripture. As the hymn writer said, How firm a foundation,      Ye saints of the Lord, Is laid for your faith      In His excellent... continue

Noel Weeks on Biblical Background

Article by   July 2013
There is great confusion today about the role and possible influence of ancient Near Eastern texts on the Old Testament, particularly the opening chapters of Genesis. Last fall, Dr. Noel Weeks, expert historian and Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at... continue

Statement on Scripture by Concerned Erskine Faculty Members

Article by   April 2011
While some have thought that what has been termed the "battle for the Bible" was successfully concluded in evangelical circles almost three decades back, there can be little doubt at this point that the doctrine of Scripture is now... continue

Inerrancy From the Resurrection

Article by   February 2011
In light of Prof. von Hoffman's stunning (but all too familiar) revisionist historiography, I thought it might be helpful to highlight an argument for the inerrancy of Scripture that I had not heard until Warfield--who else?--brought it to my attention:"[Jesus']... continue
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