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The Mystery and Glory of the Incarnation

Article by   December 2015
We come to that time of year when many Christians celebrate the incarnation of the Son of God. In thinking about and meditating on the incarnation, below are some truths to keep in mind.  The incarnation has been called the miracle... continue

Enduring Ignorance for Us and Our Salvation

Article by   February 2015
Without a hint of shame or embarrassment or any sort of profound internal conflict, Jesus openly admits he is--or at least was, while living under the conditions of the fall and fulfilling all righteousness for us--ignorant of at least one... continue

How to Appreciate the Two Natures of Christ

Article by   February 2015
Appreciating both Christ's divinity and his humanity is not easy. What does it mean to be both God and man? Looking at Christ's two natures helps us to understand not only the marvel of the incarnation, but the incredible humility... continue
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