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Jesus' Blood and Righteousness

Article by   January 2009
Brian Vickers', Jesus' Blood and Righteousness, is a work of careful exegesis and synthesis that attempts to establish a biblical basis for the doctrine of the imputation of Christ's righteousness. This doctrine, so vital to the Reformation, has come under attack in recent years from a variety of critics. continue

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The Joy of Justification

Article by   May 2019
Theologians have often considered justification by faith alone to be "the heart of the Gospel" for the simple reason that justification is a legal declaration of pardon and righteousness--a once-for-all judicial act of God toward believers. Justification is judicial not... continue

Luther's Royal Marriage

Article by   October 2017
Martin Luther was an outsized personality, with great faith and some great flaws. Living with this great person has a good effect on you. Let me commend his little book, The Freedom of a Christian. When he challenged the... continue

Arminian vs Reformed on Justification

Article by   May 2015
WCF 11.1 ... nor by imputing faith itself, the act of believing, or any other evangelical obedience to them, as their righteousness ...Part 1: Justification by Precision Alone?Part 2: Act and Habit of FaithPart 3: Justification is an act that... continue

Can Humans Merit Before God? (2 of 2)

Article by   April 2015
Part 1 here.Westminster Seminary California Professor, David VanDrunen, critiques Norman Shepherd for rejecting Adamic merit:"It is not difficult to see how such a view, if taken seriously, makes belief in Christ's active, imputed obedience impossible. If image bearers do not... continue
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