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The Fruit of the Spirit: Walk by the Spirit [Part 1]

Article by   April 2015
Paul's list of the nine-fold fruit of the Spirit has embedded itself in the varied exegetical and moral-ascetical traditions of Christianity as a succinct depiction of gospel virtue, one which directs the mind, the affections and the will towards great regions of Christian truth. To reflect on this tiny fragment of apostolic exhortation is to be set before an ideal which is at once compelling and impossible. Alert readers are simultaneously captivated by the sheer goodness of the life which these words commend and chastened by their incapacity and unwillingness to enact it. But, more importantly, as we reflect on these words we are reminded that believers live and act in the realm of the Holy Spirit. In that realm of grace, God's regenerative mercy is alive and active, setting aside inability and opposition, and establishing a form of common human life - the church - in which love, joy, peace and all the others are being established as human nature is renewed and moved towards its completion. continue

The Holy Spirit, His Ministry, and the Preacher of God: Part 2

Article by   November 2011
One final, yet crucial aspect of the Holy Spirit's ministry, which must be considered in relationship to the preacher of God, is that of power. continue

Is There a God Gene

Article by   June 2006
What is it that causes some people to be more religious than others? Could it possibly be that some people are genetically predisposed to have certain spiritual experiences? Is there a "god" gene? Some people say that there is, or... continue

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Mastricht, Bavinck and the Efficacy of Scripture

Article by   March 2019
The general contours of the doctrine of Scripture are familiar. Orthodox Protestants confess that Scripture has God as its primary author and is self-authenticating, supremely authoritative, necessary for this age, clear enough to be understood by the masses, and... continue

Counselor, Comforter, Keeper?

Article by   October 2018
One exegetical consideration upon which I have never truly been settled is that which concerns the meaning of the word παράκλητος (Paraklete)--as it appears in such places in Scripture as 1 John 2:1 and John 14:16. The list of translation... continue

Only for a Time

Article by   July 2018
I was interested to see that the cessationism/continuitionism issue is surfacing again--due to Matt Chandler's recent sermon, "A Supernatural Community and a Personal Word." Matt's introductory argument is as follows: Many Christians do not experience the extraordinary gifts of the... continue

A Prayer for the Church (Galatians 5:16-26)

Article by   July 2018
Our Father in heaven, we rejoice to remember that hidden in the holiness of your Son, you count us holy in your sight. Not only as we pray, but as we live each day, you see us as saints,... continue

Five Extraordinary Benefits of Pentecost

Article by   April 2018
We are wrapping the 2018 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology this weekend at Proclamation Presbyterian Church outside Philadelphia. Our theme this year is "Spirit of the Age - Age of the Spirit." As we have been celebrating the exalted... continue

Why Did Jesus Need the Holy Spirit?

Article by   July 2017
As we make our way through the Gospel records, we quickly discover that Jesus needed the Holy Spirit at every step and in every stage of His life and ministry. While the human nature of Jesus was inseparably united to the Divine... continue

These Present Sufferings

Article by   May 2017
As I write, the United Kingdom is still reeling from the latest terrorist atrocity to be unleashed in one of our major cities. It was particularly horrific in that it was deliberately targeted at children and teenagers attending a... continue

How Then Should We Preach?

Article by   May 2017
However well constructed and attractive, a car is useless without fuel. On the flip side, a motor may have fuel without being a vehicle. Likewise, preaching is a vehicle that requires fuel. God designed preaching to bring us to... continue

Watch the Quakertown Conference on Reformed Theology this weekend on the all new AllianceLive!

Article by   November 2015
"In him you also, when you had heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation,and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit." Ephesians 1:13This weekend, November 13 and 14, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and Grace... continue

Pentecost and the Work of the Spirit Today

Article by   June 2015
Have you ever wondered what happened on Pentecost? What are the implications of what took place on Pentecost for the church today? What expectations ought Christians to have for the work of the Holy Spirit in their own lives... continue

"Every precious blessing"

Article by   June 2014
6 5. 6 5 (North Coates)Every precious blessingComes from God above;Everything we have isFrom his heart of love.Jesus is the best gift,Coming down to save:Dying for his people,Rising from the grave.Gracious Spirit, give usHearts to trust the Son,Souls that overflow... continue

The humility and jealousy of the Holy Spirit

Article by   September 2012
I remember hearing the story: a gathering of ministers in a place that had known God's blessing in an unusual degree in time past, grieving over the present low state of things and seeking the Lord for his return. They... continue

Fire in the dry sticks

Article by   March 2012
It is usually after I have thought through or more formally prepared the introduction to a sermon that I again sit back and remember to pray. I do not mean that I should not or do not pray until that... continue

Part 2 of The Holy Spirit and the Preacher of God

Article by   November 2011
Check out the second installment of Pastor Ventura's article at reformation21!... continue

Did You Know that Pentecost is this Sunday?

Article by   May 2008
The Christian calendar practiced by most evangelicals today is extremely illuminating.  What it shows is our generally weak appreciation for the fullness of Christ's saving work.  Two big holidays occupy our minds completely: Christmas and Easter.  So we focus on... continue
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