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The Theology of John Calvin

Article by   August 2009
The Theology of John CalvinBy Charles Partee376 p.Westminster John Knox (October 2008)If all's well that ends well, then all is well with this new study of Calvin's theology.  Which is to say, I find myself in agreement  with much of... continue

The Day They Tried to Recruit Me

Article by   August 2008
The cult of professor worship is perhaps the most dangerous and reprehensible cult in the theological world. It is no respecter of theological position, afflicting the left just as much as the right. It is no respecter of intellectual ability, as the psychology of leader-follower is predicated more on personality and relational qualities than brainpower. continue

Is Inerrancy Unbiblical, Rationalistic and Presumptuous? A critique of A.T.B. McGowan's proposal for evangelicals to reject inerrancy

Article by   April 2008
A. T. B. McGowan's major item for evangelicals to reconsider, in his book The Divine Spiration of Scripture: Challenging evangelical perspectives, concerns the termination of inerrancy.  Not only does he argue for the use of the word infallibility in place... continue

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Know When to Hold'em

Article by   February 2019
As any poker player knows (and I am not a poker player--I tend to steer clear of competitions where the victor takes home a bracelet), the hand is over when all the cards have been dealt, all the bets have been... continue

Ressourcement: Love and Its cost in The Letter to Diognetus

Article by   February 2016
Ressourcement: retrieving our past for present faithfulness, part 2Love and Its cost in The Letter to DiognetusThe Apostle Paul's descriptions of the social fabric of the pagan world of his day are not pleasant. "Living in malice and envy, hateful... continue

Review: "Pillars of Grace"

Article by   November 2012
A Long Line of Godly Men (Volume 2, AD100 - 1564): Pillars of GraceSteven J. LawsonReformation Trust, 2011, 543pp., hardback, $28.00ISBN 978-1-56769-211-2Volume One (Foundations) in this series concentrated on the doctrines of sovereign grace as displayed through the entirety of... continue

And speaking of Newman . . . (David F. Wells on us)

Article by   April 2008
"It takes no courage to sign up as a Protestant. To live by the truths of historic Protestantism, however, is an entirely different matter. That takes courage in today's context." Why? Wells answers: "The truths of historic Protestantism are sometimes... continue
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