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Our Make-Believe Parents: When Adam Becomes More Fiction than Fact

Article by   September 2013
In Sunday School rooms across a wide spectrum of churches, you will find Bible storybooks that, around page one, display pictures of Adam and Eve, with illustrators using their best judgment on whether to use well-placed leaves, strategic cropping, or selective poses appropriately to censor the reality of Adam and Eve's nakedness. It's the beginning of our story, and the beginning is sometimes as important as the end. But that reality, and more importantly our first parents' existence, has been and continues to be challenged and denied by some voices even within the church. continue

Intinction and Extinction: Where is Our Good Faith?

Article by   March 2013
To the surprise of some of my fellow elders in my Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) presbytery, I voted against the proposed language change to the Book of Church Order 58-5 concerning intinction.(1) It is not because I believe or practice intinction. In fact, in my estimation, the exegetical and historical arguments against intinction deliver a knockout blow continue

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? A Review

Article by   February 2012
Dr. C. John Collins, professor of Old Testament at Covenant Seminary, has written a book that deals with a subject that may turn out to be a watershed issue for many within evangelical and reformed groups. Although Collins argues for the historicity of Adam and Eve, the way the argument is presented raises significant concerns not only for the interpretation of Scripture, but also for the character and authority of Scripture. The purpose of this review will be to try to lay out the argument of the book and then to show the problems and implications of the argument. continue

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Historicity of Adam: Read and Listen at Place for Truth

Article by   July 2015
Place for Truth provides thoughtful yet accessible articles ranging over biblical theology, systematic theology, church history, and practical theology emphasizing the continual need for the church to maintain the gains of the Protestant Reformation. Our hope is that you... continue

Four Reasons Why Public Critique Does Not Invoke Matthew 18

Article by   March 2012
In following the dialogue on Ref21 between Drs. Belcher and Collins, I was struck by a complaint from Collins that Belcher should have picked up the phone and discussed his concerns privately.  This demand for personal contact prior to public... continue
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