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Extracting Nectar From a Painted Rose

Article by   November 2013
A few years ago, Harvard scholar and author, James Wood, wrote a review of Bart Ehrman's, God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question--Why We Suffer, entitled "Holiday in Hellmouth." Wood is an eloquent, penetrating, and insightful thinker and his relatively brief review is perhaps the best, most concise, and accessible articulation of what many see as the "problem" with "the problem of evil" and the various responses that have been offered to it. Wood is rightly repulsed by any discussion of the problem of evil that remains within the cold confines of academia. He loathes the "sterile laboratories of the professional theodicists, where white-coated philosophers quite often crush suffering down to the logician's granules of P and Q." For him, as for most, the "problem of evil" is located, not in the ivory tower, but in the intense tension that is naturally felt between the incalculable amount of suffering in this world and the existence of God. continue

Watching Movies to the Glory of God

Article by   October 2008
Our God is a storytelling God. Much of the Bible is narrative, and a lot of that narrative is something that would give our children nightmares. continue

Fit For A King

Article by   October 2008
Those of you who have been introduced to Ridderbos may think a discussion of the kingdom involves a long, tedious and boring excursion. I hope that is not the case. What I have to say will not be as long and I hope not as tedious Ridderbos. continue

Is Inerrancy Unbiblical, Rationalistic and Presumptuous? A critique of A.T.B. McGowan's proposal for evangelicals to reject inerrancy

Article by   April 2008
A. T. B. McGowan's major item for evangelicals to reconsider, in his book The Divine Spiration of Scripture: Challenging evangelical perspectives, concerns the termination of inerrancy.  Not only does he argue for the use of the word infallibility in place... continue

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Love and Anger at the Cross?

Article by   January 2019
Last week, Wyatt Graham published a post titled, "The Father Was Not Angry at the Son of the Cross," in which he rightly explained that God the Father never stopped loving the Son--even when the Son hung on the cross.... continue

The Rhythms of Grace

Article by   January 2019
God has placed us in a world that's got a rhythm to it. Each day has a sunrise and sunset. Each week has six days of work and a day of rest. Even the four seasons rise and fall... continue

A Cross-Shaped View of God's Attributes

Article by   November 2016
Talk of God's attributes that is not tethered to concrete stories of God's dealings with his people in history tends toward abstraction (and so away from doxology, where all talk of God should end). The same is true, of course,... continue

Grace and sin

Article by   December 2014
A number of pastoral issues have arisen recently which have brought home to me some particular truths and some particular emphases arising from them. Many of these situations are on the fringes of church life or outside it (though I... continue

For the Lord is good

Article by   October 2014
"Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!" (Ps 34.8)The goodness of God is a topic that repays careful contemplation. Vast tracts of biblical teaching are devoted to this theme (Exod 33.19; Pss 34.8; 100.5; etc.), and the singular... continue

God and Controversy by Jonathan Master on Place for Truth

Article by   May 2014
The Church seems to be full of controversy.  Much of this is quite necessary, and not unexpected.  After all, as the New Testament continually reminds us, false teachers will continually arise and false teaching always needs to be addressed.  On... continue

"God set before me love"

Article by   May 2014
S.M. (Bod Alwyn)God set before me loveTo draw my soul to him,But I was bound in Satan's chainsAnd revelled in my sin.I saw the mercy seat,Was taught the way to go;I saw that Christ had died for sin,But did not... continue

Effective personal evangelism: love

Article by   October 2013
In the introductory article to this brief series, we marked out the limits of our study, namely that we are considering how individual believers, in their various spheres, might faithfully communicate the saving truth to those around them still lost... continue

Persons of interest

Article by   June 2013
You may not be aware of a portentous US drama for mild paranoiacs called Person of Interest. The premise is fairly simple: after September 11, 2001, a mysterious and reclusive (you could be mysterious without being reclusive, I suppose, but... continue

A web of wisdom

Article by   March 2013
For anyone who may be interested, here's the complete picture:Introduction.Principles 1 and 2.1. Know and watch and guard your heart, cultivating the fear of the Lord.2. Seek wisdom.Principle 3.3. Remember the power of words.Principles 4, 5 and 6.4. Consider your... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #6

Article by   March 2013
Having trawled through the following . . .Introduction.Principles 1 and 2.Principle 3.Principles 4, 5 and 6.Principles 7 and 8.. . . we come to the end:9. Train and restrain your appetites.He who earnestly seeks good finds favour, but trouble will... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #5

Article by   March 2013
What's a Time Lord to do? He dabbles a little in the 17th century and the shadowy fiend known mainly as the Pope of Ealing throws twitterbombs in his direction. He dips an intergalactic toe in the murky waters of... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #4

Article by   March 2013
We're making progress, and I will bundle all these links in due course, but for now we have had . . .Introduction.Principles 1 and 2.Principle 3.Here are principles 4, 5 and 6.4. Consider your testimony and character (digital footprint).The fruit... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #3

Article by   March 2013
So far, the introduction and the first two principles. Today, the most developed of the principles, concerning the power of words. While the applications are specific to social media, I hope that the principles are transferable to any communication.3. Remember... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #2

Article by   March 2013
Following on from part one, in which I suggested that, as with so much else, we should ask the question, "How may I use social media to the glory of God?" Here are the first two principles:1. Know and watch... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #1

Article by   March 2013
Social media is perhaps the most common or popular expression of what is sometimes called Web 2.0. Web 1.0, for those who may be wondering, consisted mainly of static pages containing fixed data. Web 2.0 is the more dynamic, interactive... continue

God's family on earth

Article by   March 2012
Having done a little travelling over the last few days, I should like to attest once more to the following:How glorious is the thought that there is a family even upon earth of which the Son of God holds Himself... continue

Who is a God like you?

Article by   March 2012
"Who is a God like you,Pardoning iniquityAnd passing over the transgression of the remnant of his heritage?He does not retain his anger forever,Because he delights in mercy.He will again have compassion on us,And will subdue our iniquities.You will cast all... continue

Devotion to God

Article by   February 2012
A friend just asked about Andrew Fuller, one of the leading lights of the 18th and 19th century Particular Baptists, and a man to be reckoned with in any age. Mention of Fuller always brings to mind one of his... continue
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