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The Father and his Flock

Article by   March 2018
Husbands and fathers are called to be pastors in their homes. "What the preacher is in the pulpit," Lewis Bayly declared, "the same the Christian householder is in his house." The idea of fathers as the pastors of their... continue

2017: 10 Posts that You Loved Last Year

Article by   January 2018
We looked at the most popular posts from across Alliance websites in 2017. Did you miss one of these last year? Do you want to read one your favorites again? Just click the article title! 10. Calvin's Life: The Servetus Affair by Jeffrey... continue

The Patriarchy Movement: Five Areas of Grave Concern

Article by   October 2016
The church is an environment of extremes. The trouble with extremes is that they always contain a seed of truth, making them look and sound plausible to the careless bystander. By virtue of this fact, the church is also often... continue

The Pastor's Family and Friendships in the Church

Article by   May 2016
One of the pieces of advice that I received from a seasoned pastor when I was first beginning ministry was, "Don't befriend the people in your church. They will most certainly hurt you." I assumed his words were the result... continue

Bringing Our Children to Jesus

Article by   May 2016
One of the most important things we will do at Second Presbyterian Church is disciple our children to a living, personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We live in a society that assumes that when children grow up they... continue

We Are Family!

Article by   March 2016
How does family relate to the Church and its grander mission (even the Great Commission!)? What constitutes a family, how does it reflect the image of God and ... what about singles? Today the Mortification of Spin crew are joined... continue

Reformation-Resurrection Conference 2015

Article by   January 2015
Several years ago I had the privilege of preaching in Denmark at the Reformation-Resurrection Conference. The invitation came out of the blue, hanging upon the absence of another brother whose health prevented him from serving. I went a little tentatively,... continue

Faith of Our Fathers

Article by   June 2014
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. On Father's Day I will be in the same place doing the same thing that I have done for the past 35 years. No, not in my church preaching a Father's Day sermon.... continue

God's family on earth

Article by   March 2012
Having done a little travelling over the last few days, I should like to attest once more to the following:How glorious is the thought that there is a family even upon earth of which the Son of God holds Himself... continue


Article by   December 2008
While having lunch with one of my students, Ed, I asked him about his family.  His mother, he told me, was the only sister to six brothers.  This is interesting enough, but then he told me she's actually one of... continue

Discipling Christian Children

Article by   August 2008
From my pastor's letter this week: One of the most important things we will do at Second Presbyterian Church is disciple our children to a living, personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We live in a society that assumes... continue

2008: A Year for Family Worship

Article by   January 2008
Returning to our editor's theme for the start of this year, I would make another suggestion for "the most important issue facing the church in 2008?"  Having already suggested a renewed passion for world missions and the support of the growing... continue
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