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Calling those outside the camp - Come Back!

Article by   July 2014
Outside the Camp by David B. GarnerCome Back!The recipients of the letter to the Hebrews faced uncompromising pressure to compromise. Ridiculed for abandoning their own religious heritage and for extracting themselves from their very own people, these early followers of... continue

David Garner on Knowing the Truth Radio with Kevin Boling

Article by   July 2014
Our own Dr. David Garner will be speaking with Pastor Kevin Boling on Knowing the Truth Radio program regarding What is the "Insider Movement"? Listen live on Thursday (July 3rd) from 11:05am - 11:30am ET."Knowing The Truth" with Pastor Kevin... continue

Only Jesus Grace Works by David Garner

Article by   May 2014
Theology regularly gets a bad rap. "Don't give me doctrine. I want something practical." "I like sermons that touch my heart, not those that fill my head." Or, "Come on. I'm not interested in all this theology. I just want... continue

Sympathy Made Perfect by David Garner

Article by   May 2014
Sympathy Made Perfect by David B. Garner on Place for TruthIn our last column, we surveyed the importance of Jesus' life as signaled in Luke 2:52: "Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man." More... continue
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