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Confessing Christianity: Yesterday's reformation for today's reformation

Article by   March 2016
The word 'confessing', I confess, is a little bit vague. We use the word when we are admitting that we could have done better, or owning that we've actually done wrong. And in places where a life dedicated to Christ is unappreciated, or even illegal, confessing to Christianity means confessing to a crime - at least the eyes of our opponents. By Confessing Christianity, I mean something at once more positive and more precise. I am thinking of confessing as professing; I want to make the case for a Christian faith that affirms an allegiance to Christ, but also to a body of truth that we love and teach because of Christ. I mean something like "creedal Christianity," and if I was having better day, I might have picked those words as the title to this reflection. But maybe not. Because a creed is a short statement about the Christian faith, and a confession is a longer one - and my main point is that churches today need more truth, not less to confess. continue

Biblical proportion and balance

Article by   December 2014
The primary service which Systematic Theology performs for the preacher is to provide him with his message. But that's not all. It should also give his message biblical proportion and balance. After all, it is only too easy to ride hobby-horses, as witness the story of the old Presbyterian minister whose sermons invariably had the simple headings, 'First, a word about the text. Secondly, a word of application. Thirdly, a word about infant baptism.' continue

Some Reflections by a Christian College Professor

Article by   June 2008
Having already read some of Dr. Enns' shorter writings, and having attended a colloquium on Enns' book at the 2006 annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, I recently finished reading Inspiration and Incarnation, and thought that I would share some thoughts about the volume. continue

That God Should Come As One of Us!

Article by   June 2008
 It is one of best-known facts of Bible; yet it is shrouded in mystery. Its details are rehearsed every year in preaching, reading and song; yet they defy our comprehension. The virgin birth - or, more accurately, the virginal conception... continue

A Good Creed Seldom Goes Unpunished

Article by   January 2008
On the issue of creeds, the evangelical world often seems absolutely divided into two broad camps: There are those who are so passionately committed to a particularly narrow view of scripture's sufficiency that they not only deny the need for creeds and confessions but regard them as actually wrong, an illegitimate attempt to supplement scripture or to narrow the Christian faith in doctrinal or cultural ways beyond the limits set by scripture itself. Then there are those whose view of creeds and confessions is so high that any other theological statement, and sometimes even the Bible itself, seems to be of secondary importance. Neither group, I believe, really does the creeds justice. continue

The Westminster Confession of Faith Today

Article by   January 2008
Confessions are doctrinal summaries of the Bible's teaching. They are written by the Church for the Church and the world. They are written for the world because churches with creeds and confessions are trying to be honest about themselves. These doctrinal statements announce that this is a church that has beliefs and is willing to list the most important ones for all to see. This is the very thing that cults and sects refuse to do. When they arrive at your door on Saturday mornings they discuss all things peripheral; their pamphlets hide what they believe and so do their websites. continue
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