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Watch it, Mr Thomas!

Article by   April 2008
Yes, Mr Thomas, the sisterhood has arrived on Ref21.  And be careful -- it's not just me who will be posting, but I intend to offer some excellent, liberated, gynocentric commentary on the contemporary world as developed by my good... continue

Steve Nichols sighted in Tupelo

Article by   April 2008
On my return from the PCRT conference in Grand Rapids yesterday, I found myself reading Steve Nichols's new book, Jesus: Made in America (IVP Academic). I confess I skipped the opening chapters: fascinating to be sure, but the real heart... continue

Je proteste

Article by   April 2008
Rein a dire, rein a faire... as they say in Calais, a woman on Ref21? What is the world coming to? This is yet another sign of postfuturistic deconstruction that needs to be firmly stood upon! What next? Is nothing... continue

Steve Nichols where are you?

Article by   April 2008
Everyone, and I mean everyone (except me and Trueman) are swaning it at T4G. Some of us have to work. But Steve Nichols has yet to sign in to this blog. Now I see why. Apart from the fact that... continue
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