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PCRT Anthology Giveaway

Since its inauguration in 1974, the Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology has hosted some of the most gifted and trustworthy pastors, theologians and speakers from around the world in order to teach God's word and sound doctrine. Among the celebrated speakers at PCRT have been James Boice, R.C. Sproul, John Gerstner, J.I. Packer, Eric Alexander, Elizabeth Elliott, John Stott, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Michael Horton, Ligon Duncan. Derek Thomas, Kevin DeYoung and Richard Phillips. The PCRT is the nation's oldest, continually operating, reformed conference. This year, we celebrate the 45th Anniversary of this beloved conference; therefore, we are giving away two PCRT Anthology flash drives. To enter the giveaway, sign up here. We will select a winner two weeks from today. 

Here are all of the conferences from 1974-2017--with links to the talks that are include in MP3 format on the flash drive:

1974: The Doctrines of Grace

1975: On Knowing God

1976: Our Sovereign God

1977: Man the Sinner, Man the Saint

1978: The Cross Our Glory: The Nature and Extent of the Atonement

1979: In Praise of Christ: The Biblical Name and Titles

1980: If God Be for Us

1981: How to Grow Your Faith

1982: Come, Change our World!

1983: Predestination

1984: Christ or "Big Brother"?  A Christian Vision for Today's Society

1985: The Church: God's New Society

1986: Our Blessed Hope: The Biblical Doctrine of Last Things

1987: How Great Thou Art

1988: How Firm a Foundation

1989: Whatever Happened to Sin?

1990: Redeemed! Redemption Accomplished

1991: Redeemed! Redemption Applied

1992: Our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

1993: Walking in the Old Paths

1994: Desiring God: A Reformed Perspective on Worship

1995: Two Cities, Two Loves

1996: What the Church Needs Now is Reformation

1997: The Theology of the Cross

1998: Worship God!

1999: Amazing Grace

2000: Our Promise Keeping God

2001: Lord, Have Mercy

2002: The Promised Holy Spirit

2003: Christ and His Church

2004: Forgiven, Forgiving

2005: One Way: The Exclusive Claims of Christianity

2006: The Doctrines of Grace

2007: The Word: Above All Earthly Powers

2008: Precious Blood: The Atoning Work of Christ

2009: Right with God: The Doctrine of Justification

2010: These Last Days

2011: Children of God: Adopted into the Father's Love

2012: The Gospel: What? Why? How?

2013: In the Beginning: God, Adam and You

2014: Profaning the Sacred

2015: Holiness and Honor: A Reformed View of Sex and Marriage

2016: How Firm a Foundation: The Bible's Authority, Sufficiency and Clarity

2017: Reformation: Recovering the Essence of the Gospel

Greenville Conference on Reformed Theology


This is a personal invitation to come to beautiful Greenville, SC in order to enjoy a new conference joyfully set in the Reformed tradition October 13-15, 2017. Joining me will be Rev. Dr. Harry L. Reeder III of Briarwood Presbyterian Church and Rev Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III of Reformed Theological Seminary. The theme of the Conference is Here We Stand: Justification by Faith

Make this conference a holiday weekend occasion, bring your spouse and enjoy our award winning downtown and the fabulous "Fall for Greenville" food & music festival. Registration includes a banquet and special music on Friday night. A luncheon for pastors is also planned.

Second Presbyterian Church wants to show you Christian Hospitality and minister to you through the Word of God.

Please Register Today.  

Sexual Identity Conference

Our friends at Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, GA are hosting a conference with Rosaria Butterfield this Friday night. The theme of the conference is "Sexual Identity and Union with Christ." There will be a Q&A time after her talk. 

On Saturday morning, June 19 at 9:00 am, the topic "Hospitality is Spiritual Warfare" with be discussed with a time for Q&A following the talk. The Saturday morning meeting is only opened to women registrants. There will be a luncheon for the ladies following the meeting for a charge of $15.00 for those ladies who have preregistered. Independent Pres. is requesting that you register if you plan to attend these talks and/or the women's luncheon. Registration can be done on-line by visiting their website, where you will find a link for the conference.

Special Announcement . . .

In conjunction with our annual Southern New England Reformation Conference which will be held this year on May 29th and 30th our guest speaker Dr. Steve Lawson will also be doing a one day seminar at our building in North Providence, RI on expository preaching on May 28th. This event is for all pastors, elders and lay workers.
Be sure to sign up for the early bird price special:

The Alliance is partnering with the annual Reformation Worship Conference outside of Atlanta, Oct. 23-26. We are so very happy to join with our friends at Midway Presbyterian Church, outside of Atlanta, who host the annual Reformation Worship Conference ( This annual gathering is designed for all Christians and ministry leaders. A guest faculty, consisting of W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, Richard Phillips, Terry Johnson, Douglas Kelly, Jon Payne, T. David Gordon, and many others will assemble for a rich weekend of biblical instruction, encouragement, and modeling of robust, reformed worship. 

Please see the entire program at, and a discounted registration price is available through the end of August.  And since the Alliance is a partner in this event, we invite all our friends to join us and stop by our booth at the conference. Please contact Judy Dodd ( for more information about group rates or to register. 

North Texas Conference on Assurance

If I died today I would be with the Lord. I know that infallibly. But I'm certainly not the greatest believer who ever lived - not even close. My confidence arises from the fact that I know and trust the greatest believer who ever lived.

The highest and best instance of believing belongs to Jesus. He could have said at any point during his life on earth, "if I died today I would be with the Lord." He had full assurance.

In the midst of constant frustration on earth, where his family, disciples, and own people perpetually let him down, Christ did not waver in his trust that God would fulfill his promises to him (Isa. 49:1-13).

From his mother's breasts he believed (Ps. 22:9-10). 

As a young man he woke up every morning to be taught and instructed by his Father (Isa. 50:4-9). 

Each day, including the last, he committed himself to his Father's providential keeping (Ps. 31:5; cf. Lk. 23:46).

Because he kept his Father's commandments, he remained in his Father's love (Jn. 15:10). 

Because he prayed in the Spirit (Rom. 8:15-16), Jesus had the Spirit of adoption within him which enabled him to cry, Abba, Father, each day (see also Heb. 5:7-8).

Because his Father loved him, Christ received assurances of his messianic calling throughout his ministry, particularly at his Baptism and the Transfiguration (Mk. 1:9-11; 9:2-8). 

Because he was rejected and persecuted, he knew he was fulfilling all that was said about him in the Old Testament scriptures (Isa. 53:3; Lk. 24:46). 

Christ's assurance culminated at his resurrection, which was the public vindication that he truly is the Son of God, now raised in power (Rom. 1:4; 1 Tim. 3:16).

Christ lived a life of faith before he entered into a life by sight. But his life of faith, which goes hand in hand with a life of assurance, was dependent upon several intertwining, mutually reinforcing elements. 

Thus, when Christ gave up his spirit on the cross (Lk. 23:46), he did so knowing that he would be with the Lord: "today you will be with me in paradise" (Lk. 23:43). His trust in his Father, at a time when he had many reasons to doubt ("cursed is every one who is hung on a tree"), shows how important his whole life was for that crucial moment when he would lay down his life.

Whatever grace Christians possess, that grace was first in Christ. Adam's unbelief - the first sin he committed - was rectified by Christ's belief! Christ's assurance provides the ground for our own assurance. And so on.

The doctrine of assurance for Christians is not a matter of finding a quick and easy solution. Rather, in the context of the church, the Christian life requires a host of different, but complimentary elements that should enable us to say: "If I died today I would be with the Lord."   

So if you are in Texas in August (22nd-23rd), and you want to learn more about Christ's assurance and our own, please consider coming to the North Texas Conference on Reformed Theology ("Delighting in the Doctrine of Assurance")

Is there a better place to be in August than Texas? Er...

Since the Garden of Eden and our first parents' "bite of the apple," gender confusion in its various forms has constituted one of the most significant assaults ever leveled upon individuals, the family, and culture. The terrible fallout from such confusion has wreaked havoc on countless lives around the world ever since.

Oconee ARP Church (121 Rochester Hwy, Seneca, SC 29672) is hosting a conference which intends to lay a biblical foundation for understanding many of these gender-related issues. They have invited Rosaria Butterfield, Richard Phillips, and Derek Thomas to examine various aspects of gender confusion alive and well (and increasing) in today's world. They will then also seek to formulate a God-honoring way forward, asking how the church should respond with clarity and grace in the midst of such confusion.

Join them on Friday, Feb 14 through Sunday, Feb 16, 2014. You can register online through the Alliance at,,PTID307086_CHID810294,00-sen.html
You can't be serious!' is one of the most common reactions when I tell people we're planning to tackle a serious study of the entire book of Romans in just under 24 hours. You can almost see their minds racing as they imagine a marathon, through-the-night, verse-by-verse exposition of the most famous of Paul's letters. So, after their panic attack has subsided, I gently tell them that's not quite what we have in mind.

Romans in a Weekend, as it was first called, began in Philadelphia back in the 80's under the leadership of ames Boice and Sinclair Ferguson. Their aim was to provide a carefully crafted overview of the book, supported by study guide materials that would allow people to feel at ease with a book that so often intimidates them. It by no means tried to say all that could be said about Romans, but it said enough to encourage people to really get into it for themselves. 

The mini-conference proved so successful in Philadelphia that it morphed into Romans in 24 Hours and effectively went coast-to-coast across the States and even as far as Scotland. Well, after over a decade since it was last aired, the idea has been revived, adapted for a 21st century audience (Ro24) and is being re-launched in Bryn Mawr, PA at Proclamation Presbyterian Church. Sinclair Ferguson will be back as one of its keynote speakers along with Liam Goligher and Mark Johnston. Dr. Ferguson will be preaching both services in Proclamation on the next day, which happens to be Reformation Sunday.

Here's a great opportunity to be exposed to a first rate introduction to the Book of Romans and discover why this book has in so many ways shaped the growth of Christians and Churches through the ages all over the world.

Be sure to register for the conference!

Editor's note:  Watch Mark Johnston, senior pastor of Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, PA and iam Goligher, senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, PA, talk about the history and idea behind the Romans in 24 Hours conference: 

Be sure to look for other Alliance videos at YouTube by entering "Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals" in the YouTube search bar.

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals seeks other event venues and concepts like Romans in 24 Hours.  If you would like to host an event or just want to learn more about the Alliance, contact: Robert Brady, executive director at 215-546-3696 ext. 33 or by email at

Event link:
Registration link:
Video link:
If you are a pastor or elder in the greater Philadelphia area, you may be interested in the upcoming Cairn Church Leaders' Conference, on Thursday, April 11 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM .  The conference is designed to encourage, support, and connect those ministering in local churches in the region, and will be hosted by Cairn University.  It is a cross-denominational event, and a number of friends of the Alliance (including the co-chair of our Princeton Conference on Reformed Theology) are either helping organize the conference or are attending it themselves.  The speaker is Kent Hughes, author and longtime pastor of College Church of Wheaton and an Alliance speaker as well.  His topic is, "Authentic New Covenant Ministry: Strength in Weakness."  Breakfast and lunch are included, along with free copies of several of Dr. Hughes' books.  For registration and more information, click here:

The 2012 Cape Cod Reformed Conference

My good friend Pastor James La Belle of the Cape Cod OPC is hosting what looks to be an excellent conference. If you are in the area, please come and join us. Below is the information:

DATES:  November 9-11, 2012

VENUE:  Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod, 2391 Iyannough Road, W. Barnstable, MA

TOPIC: Ministering to Broken People in a Broken World

SPEAKER:  Dr. David Murray

REGISTRATION (click on flyer link):