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Much Better Than The Daily Mail

Article by   August 2012
With the exception of Augustine's Confessions, I am not a big fan of Christian testimonies and autobiographies. Generally, they exhibit one of two problems (sometimes both). The first is the tendency towards a simplistic formula as shaped by the expectations of the specific Christian community to which the author belongs. So experiential Calvinist autobiographers tend to suffer long periods of conviction of sin followed by blessed, if sometimes mystical, assurance. I imagine the current trendy manifestations of reformed hipster theology will probably produce its fair share of people who found that conversion liberated them to watch exactly the same derivative and crass movies they did before, but now with an uncanny, Spirit-filled capacity to spot the redeemer figure in The Dark Knight Rises or The Expendables II. continue


Article by   March 2012
The former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling (he of the white hair and black eyebrows), has written a memoir of his time at No.11 Downing Street. It's called Back from the Brink and provides a fascinating insight into the economic and political troubles the Labour government faced from 2007 to May 2010. continue

The Elder

Article by   March 2010
This book will serve professors, students, pastors, and laymen well in their understanding and application of what it means to be a servant leader elder in the Church of Jesus Christ. Admittedly, the range from professor to laymen is a wide one, but Van Dam's style, reliance on Scripture, and clarity help him pull this off. continue

The Manliness of Adoption: Testosterone and Pure Religion

Article by   January 2010
It was third grade and I was watching the events unfold. One kid, twice the size of a normal third grader, was picking on my friend who was on the opposite end of the size spectrum. As I sized up what was going on I feared my friend was about to be on the receiving end of a large knuckle sandwich. I decided not to let that happen. I went over stepped in front of my friend, and said, "Leave him alone." continue

The Funeral of a Great Myth

Article by   December 2009
In contrast to the popular fiction and apologetic writings of C.S. Lewis, a less familiar body of social commentary exists within the writer's corpus. These writings give some of the clearest insight into the political, social, and philosophical environment in which Lewis lived and which influenced much of his work. continue

Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear To Tread

Article by   December 2009
Some weeks ago a friend forwarded me a link to the blog of an American Christian academic. Now, at the risk of protesting too much, I must stress that I don't read blogs - I really don't read blogs - unless, that is, they are sent to me by someone else. continue

A Caller from Cyberspace

Article by   December 2009
Among the morning's tide of emails, the usual flotsam and jetsam. But one item caught my eye, the one headed 'Of Interest?' It should really have gone straight into junk. But I opened it. (I did not notice the name of the sender, in case you're curious).That was all. Which I did. continue

Welcome to Wherever You Are

Article by   November 2009
Anyone who has ever emigrated as an adult to a foreign country will tell you that, while the physical process of moving can be dispatched in a relatively short period of time, the emotional and cultural transition takes much longer and probably never quite comes to an end. For me, the distance from family was difficult at times, but at least it was something that I knew would be part and parcel of the deal. continue

Packing Unforgiveness

Article by   August 2009
I've been thinking recently about something television star Kelsey Grammer said. It's not because I saw a rerun of Cheers. Unfortunately, the context is tragic. Grammer has me thinking about well intentioned people who end up "packing unforgiveness." continue

Ecclesial Theology and Academic Theology: Why We Need More of the Former

Article by   August 2009
But what is ecclesial theology? It is, I would suggest, more than ecclesiology; and defining it over and against academic theology is a start, but more needs to be said. Earlier this year, I was hired as the part-time executive director of The Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology (SAET), an evangelical organization dedicated to assisting pastor-theologians in producing biblical and theological scholarship for the renewal of the church. continue

Calvinism: Best Drunk Shaken

Article by   July 2009
There are few things as refreshing as a large glass of pure orange juice. However if you forget to obey the advice on the carton - best drunk shaken - the experience is rather less than it could be. Without a vigorous shake, one pours only a disappointing glass of orange-tinted water. continue

Is Hurt Mail the New Hate Mail

Article by   July 2009
Years ago, I tried (and by general consent failed) to develop as my party trick an impersonation of the Hollywood actor, Christopher Walken. When I donned his identity, I just said the one line: "I'm going to hurt you." continue

Hearing the Voice of Jesus in the Epistle of James

Article by   June 2009
James D.G. Dunn once referred to the epistle of James as "the most Jewish, the most undistinctively Christian document in the New Testament." [1] We all know that Martin Luther had serious concerns about the content of the epistle of James referring to it as "an epistle of straw" and noting that it contained "nothing of the nature of the gospel." [2] The epistle of James has been saddled with accusations of being "sub-Christian" and bereft of Jesus. On top of all this, the epistle has to be continually defended against charges that it conflicts with the Pauline doctrine of justification by faith alone. continue

Finding God In The Shack

Article by   June 2009
A review of Finding God in the Shack is therefore, in one sense, a review of a review which tends to a rather cumbersome exercise in circumlocution: I am discussing Olson's discussion of Young's discussion! For that, let me beg your indulgence. continue

Thank God for Bandit Country

Article by   June 2009
One question that I have now been asked more times than I care to remember is "How do you cope with all the nastiness that's come your way on the internet over the last few years?" The answer is pretty simple: it generally doesn't come my way because I generally don't read it. continue

Messiahs Pointing to the Door

Article by   March 2009
The list of American idiosyncrasies could go on: the American penchant for men's shoes with tassels that, thankfully, has no counterpart in Britain; the post-colonial idea that a sausage on a lollipop stick is edible; and the constitutional right to eat cheese delivered from an aerosol can without government interference. Freedom is surely a wonderful thing. continue

Trapped in Neverland

Article by   November 2008
Numerous incidents over recent years have brought the sad effect of all this home to me. As a professor at university and seminary, I have had too many run-ins with students who act like five year olds and, when held to account, express all the pouting resentment that one comes to expect from a generation that demands respect but refuses to put in the time and effort to earn it. continue

Calvinistic Methodism and Rock 'n' Roll

Article by   October 2008
Most of you reading this will wonder whether this is some conspiracy by Derek Thomas to wind up Carl Trueman by posting a review of two 700 page volumes on 'Welsh Cavinistic Fathers.' I'm all for getting on Trueman's goat and look forward to his responses on the blog. continue

The Advantage of Virtual Church

Article by   October 2008
All the time the local church is bleeding because people have lost their commitment to the nitty gritty of church life. Some are frustrated that their ministers aren't half as good as the ones they hear online. continue

The Digitization of Sinaiticus and its Media Beepbop

Article by   October 2008
According to the online Urban Dictionary, the word 'beepbop' is not really a word at all: it is a nonsense word to be used only when you want to really annoy someone. In that case, the British Broadcasting Corporation, otherwise known as the BBC, or more affectionately as 'the Beeb', has aired its own sort of 'beepbop' in its coverage of the digitization of the Codex Sinaiticus. continue

Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World

Article by   October 2008
A broken leg gets more attention than the nagging pain in your side. But the attention we give to an illness is not always an accurate judge of its severity. The break may heal where the nagging pain betrays something far more serious. Worldliness is a nagging pain in the Christian's soul. It does not get the kind of attention that more public acute sins garner, but it is equally if not more deadly than many other temptations. continue

Watching Movies to the Glory of God

Article by   October 2008
Our God is a storytelling God. Much of the Bible is narrative, and a lot of that narrative is something that would give our children nightmares. continue

The Heart of Prayer

Article by   September 2008
Now, all who trust in and love their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ desire a disciplined prayer life. However, desire and practice do not always match-up. Some believers (myself included!) often see days pass by without a regular time of private communion with God much to their shame. continue

Review: Young, Restlesss, and Reformed

Article by   September 2008
In many ways this book fulfills what George Marsden once said about history being the story of personalities, wider movements, and institutions. The mediating structures, in this case, between the key personalities and the wider movement are largely conferences, books, and the multi-media distribution of the teaching ministry of the larger churches. continue

Mary of Bethany

Article by   August 2008
esus was on his way to Calvary. He had made it increasingly a matter of conversation since the time he spoke with Peter at Caesarea Philippi (Mark 8:27-38). In this, the last week of his life, he made trips each evening to Bethany, a small town a few miles away from Jerusalem. continue

Steady As You Go

Article by   July 2008
In the great relay race of life, one generation must pass to another the baton of faith. It must ensure that the Gospel is transferred carefully into the hands of the next group. continue

A Little Bit of Comfort for Machen's Worrier Children

Article by   July 2008
In the fall of 2006, Christianity Today's Collin Hansen wrote an article which pointed to the fact that, for all of the hoo-hah about the Emerging/ent Church, there was a growing interest among young Christian people in America in traditional Reformed theology. If Hansen was right, then it was not Brian McLaren who was the man of the moment: more likely contenders included John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Al Mohler and C J Mahaney. continue

Does Proverbs Speak of Jesus?

Article by   July 2008
During my seminary days I was overly enamored with Biblical Theology and Redemptive-Historical interpretation. While I continue to appreciate and employ the significant insights of these interpretive approaches to Scripture, I now realize that I went a bit overboard in my application of them, particularly with regard to my interpretation of the Old Testament. continue

Nicodemus: When Knowing The Bible Isn't Enough

Article by   June 2008
Nicodemus was Jerusalem's most outstanding Bible teacher and a member of the Jewish Ruling Council. Only the High Priest gained more recognition in the capital city than Nicodemus. Yet, despite all his learning and privileges, he did not know God. continue

Review: The Death of the Grown-Up

Article by   June 2008
Review: Death of the Grown-Up continue

The Reason For God: A Critical Interactive Review Part 2

Article by   June 2008
Review: The Reason For God Part 2 continue

Review: Minority Report by Carl Trueman

Article by   May 2008
Review of Carl Trueman's "Minority Report" continue

Don Carson Talks About Culture

Article by   May 2008
For better or worse, I suppose I am commonly tempted to question arguments positions that can apparently claim a verse or two for support, or that simply relies on inherited tradition, without wrestling with the massive biblical themes that are relevant to the discussion. continue

An Interview with David Wells

Article by   May 2008
It is really quite simple. Our culture is now in a postmodern mood. There is much that could be said about why this is, how it came about, and what its prospects are. But, leaving aside these larger questions, we can say that it has, despite its denials, produced a worldview--that is, a view of the world--which is relativistic. continue

The Reason for God: A Critical Interactive Review

Article by   May 2008
I love the good news of Jesus Christ. I love apologetics. I love good writing. And I love Tim Keller. continue

Golfing For Jesus: Christ and Consumer Culture

Article by   April 2008
In his 1922 work Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis used the phrase Christianity In¬corporated to capture the ethos of his fictional small town overrun by a blend¬ing of consumerism and religion. What was good for 1922, however, may be good for today. continue

Deconstructing...Musing on Some Modern Problems About Words

Article by   April 2008
Then along came Deconstructors who took things further. Philosophers like Hans-Georg Gadamer, Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida ("more Frenchmen" I hear you exclaim, but Derrida was technically born in Algeria). Derrida's point is (well, "was" since he is also dead - in 2004) that even the very words themselves employed to describe such a view are themselves an impossibility since words have no stable relationship to reality. continue

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Goin' Country

Article by   April 2008
In his interview with Derek Thomas, Sean Lucas confessed to being a fan of country music. Since he's given the genre his imprimatur, I'll 'fess up, too. I, however, came to country music rather recently, when I met Tom... continue

Watch it, Mr Thomas!

Article by   April 2008
Yes, Mr Thomas, the sisterhood has arrived on Ref21.  And be careful -- it's not just me who will be posting, but I intend to offer some excellent, liberated, gynocentric commentary on the contemporary world as developed by my good... continue

Steve Nichols sighted in Tupelo

Article by   April 2008
On my return from the PCRT conference in Grand Rapids yesterday, I found myself reading Steve Nichols's new book, Jesus: Made in America (IVP Academic). I confess I skipped the opening chapters: fascinating to be sure, but the real heart... continue

Je proteste

Article by   April 2008
Rein a dire, rein a faire... as they say in Calais, a woman on Ref21? What is the world coming to? This is yet another sign of postfuturistic deconstruction that needs to be firmly stood upon! What next? Is nothing... continue

Doing History in the Prophetic Mode

Article by   April 2008
A few weeks ago, I got Carl Trueman's new collection of essays, Minority Report, which is (as with most of what he does) engaging, insightful, and frequently brilliant. One note that clearly is sounded throughout the collection, which deserves some... continue
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