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Spurgeon's standards for conversion and membership

Article by   January 2014
I hope that I will be able at some point to provide a review of Tom Nettles' excellent volume, Living for Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (pastors and preachers, you need this book, and... continue

Lawson on Spurgeon free

Article by   November 2013
In case you have not already picked it up, Steven Lawson's "Long Line of Godly Men" treatment of The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon is free on Kindle at and continue

Nicely browned

Article by   August 2013
Charles Spurgeon was not the only man of God to be labouring during the heyday of the gospel's progress in Victorian London. On the other side of the river lived and worked that most excellent servant of Christ, Archibald Geikie... continue

A closing plea

Article by   August 2012
How would you close a sermon? How would you bring to an end a sermon in which you were pleading for sinners to receive God's great pardon for sin? Here is an example from Spurgeon, preaching from Psalm 25.11 ("Pardon... continue

What about next Sunday?

Article by   April 2012
I have been in Zambia for the last few days - due to leave for home fairly soon - and so opportunity for anything other than my responsibilities here has been limited. However, things have slowed down a little, and... continue
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