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On pastoral (dis)qualification and other things

Article by   October 2014
This is not about Mark Driscoll, though it is prompted by a few notes being sounded (not by him, as far as I am aware) with regard to his resignation letter, and the circumstances surrounding it.First, pastoral qualification is never... continue

The Christian traveller

Article by   October 2013
While immensely thankful for the benefits of modern travel, there are elements of it that are not in the first rank of Walker enjoyments. I tend toward dislike of the experience of being herded and managed, with even the temperature... continue

The importance of character

Article by   June 2012
According to Spurgeon, ministerial character matters:When we say to you, my dear brethren, take care of your life, we mean be careful of even the minutiae of your character. Avoid little debts, unpunctuality, gossipping, nicknaming, petty quarrels, and all other... continue

A Question of Character (5)

Article by   February 2012
After reading Dr. Trueman's and Pastor Walker's posts on this topic, the reader will permit me a fair amount of reticence to post on 1 Timothy 3:4-5. My colleagues' thoughts have been very convicting to my own rather green pastoral... continue

Pastoral character

Article by   February 2012
In a few days time I have the privilege of being one of the preachers at "The Call" Conference in Edinburgh. (I believe that there are still opportunities to book a place if you wish.) The theme of my sermon... continue
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