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When Is a Confession not a Confession?

Article by   September 2006
I will delay answering the above question until the end of the article. Instead, I want to start by noting that Father Richard John Neuhaus has some good fun at Protestantism's expense in the latest First Things. In the... continue

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A Roman Catholic at Death (with Luther near by)

Article by   January 2015
My wife's step-father has attended a Roman Catholic church his whole life. But he has just been moved to palliative care, and likely has days or weeks to live.He has a book beside his bed where he lies dying: not... continue

Polish Catholic Priests stealing sermons

Article by   April 2008
The 28,000 Polish Catholic priests have been reprimanded by Father Wieslaw Przyczyna for plagiarising sermons off the internet. See the story here in Saturday's Guardian newspaper. Rumour has it that some have been downloading Trueman's sermons from the web. Can we... continue
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