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Can the New Testament Canon be Defended? Derek Thomas Interviews Michael Kruger

Article by   May 2012
"Put simply, when it comes to canon issues I think Christians, generally speaking, are in a bit of an epistemological crisis. They believe something but are not aware of the foundations for that belief. For these reasons, my book Canon Revisited is a different sort of book on canon than some might expect. I am not directly addressing the question of whether the canon is true--the book is not designed to somehow prove the truth of the canon to the skeptic. Rather, I am addressing the question of whether Christians have sufficient grounds for knowing whether it is true." continue

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The Canon of Scripture

Article by   August 2016
Be sure to listen to this week's Mortification of Spin. Todd, Carl, and Aimee examine questions like, how can we trust the books in the Bible to be the only Word of God, or "canon", to which no man... continue

Why These Books and No Others?

Article by   March 2016
Every year around this time you can no doubt find numerous documentaries on television or articles written about the "Real Jesus" or the "Lost Books of the Bible."  These are often little more than thinly veiled - or not... continue

An Apostolic Case for Sola Scriptura

Article by   March 2016
All historic Christians confess the Nicene Creed, which posits that we believe "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church." However, one of the crucial differences between the Protestant tradition and the Roman and Orthodox varieties is how we reckon what it... continue

Calvin contra Rome on Scripture (Part 2)

Article by   March 2015
Follow the links to read the introduction and part one of this series. "In forming a catalogue of Scripture," Calvin writes, "they [the Roman Catholic Council of Trent] mark all the books with the same chalk, and insist on placing... continue

Jenkins on the Canon of the East

Article by   November 2014
In our circles, historian Philip Jenkins appears to be best known for his work on global Christianity, beginning with Next Christendom (Oxford, 2002; 3d edition, 2011--now part of his Future of Christianity trilogy). Just before that, however, he released Hidden Gospels:... continue

New Resource on the Canon

Article by   June 2011
Since Trueman is showing some love to Cardinal Newman, click here for an excellent apologetics resource to answer the perennial questions Newman and his ilk raise against the Protestant canon - as well as more answers to other questions concerning... continue
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