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Praying in four directions

Article by   January 2015
[The introductory paragraph was originally posted in an unfinished form. Mea culpa. I have not changed the sentiment and substance, but have adapted and I hope improved the tone and the direction. I do not have the original piece, but... continue

"Through the Eyes of Spurgeon"

Article by   December 2014
Stephen McCaskell's fine biographical film, Through the Eyes of Spurgeon, surveying the life and ministry of 'the Prince of Preachers,' will drop this Thursday (18 Dec) at 12:00am CST, when it will be streamed live here. If you head... continue

Around and about (with Lloyd-Jones and Spurgeon)

Article by   April 2014
I managed to sneak in a few hours at the Banner of Truth Ministers Conference in Leicester last week. I was unable to stay for more than a day, but heard a sweet sermon from Andrew Davies, what was for... continue

Review: "Lectures to my Students"

Article by   January 2013
Lectures to my StudentsC. H. SpurgeonVarious publishers and editionsEvery Friday afternoon Charles Spurgeon would head down to the Pastors' College - of all the institutions in which he was involved, the one that was perhaps dearest to his great heart... continue

Through Spurgeon's eyes

Article by   December 2012
Stephen McCaskell's collection of quotations from the great Victorian, Through the Eyes of C. H. Spurgeon: Quotes from a Reformed Baptist Preacher, is available on Kindle at a great price, only $3.11 at and £1.92 at ($14 or... continue

The importance of character

Article by   June 2012
According to Spurgeon, ministerial character matters:When we say to you, my dear brethren, take care of your life, we mean be careful of even the minutiae of your character. Avoid little debts, unpunctuality, gossipping, nicknaming, petty quarrels, and all other... continue

Rekindling the flame

Article by   March 2012
It may be that you often hear of people praying for revival or are encouraged to do so yourself. It may also be that you are frustrated by what this usually means. In my experience, people praying for revival are... continue

New from Spurgeon...

Article by   December 2009
Just when you thought that everything written and preached by C.H. Spurgeon had been published, along comes this volume from Day One PUblications, publishing 45 sermons for the first time in a gathered volume. C.H. Spurgeon's Sermons Beyond Volume 63 is... continue
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