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The Christian and his Books

Article by   November 2010
"...the books especially the parchments..." 2Tim 4:13Surely, you have heard the expression, "You are what you eat."  The gist of this axiom is that our physical health generally reflects the nutritional value of the food we consume.  We would like... continue

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Bargain Book Sale!

Article by   July 2019
Summer is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a nice book. Or two. Or twelve.To boost your reading list, the Alliance is pleased to announce their Bagain Book Sale. Products are available while supplies last, so be sure to... continue

A Bored Generation?

Article by   August 2018
Ours is the first generation of Christians that has seriously asked the question, how much time can I spend on entertaining myself? In all the reading I have done in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, I have never once... continue

Splintered Fragments of the True Light

Article by   March 2018
For several weeks I've been intermittently reading Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach to my kids, while dabbling (as is my wont) in the news (typically the BBC), which, true to form, has generally born witness by one... continue

Knowing the Trinity, the latest book from the Alliance and Ryan McGraw

Article by   May 2017
Knowing the Trinity: Practical Thoughts for Daily Life by Meet the Puritans contributor Ryan McGraw is the latest book from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.The Gospel is primarily about God. Part of the glory of the New Testament is... continue

The Lectio Continua Expository Commentary on the New Testament

Article by   November 2016
I love reading commentaries and have many of them: technical commentaries, semi-technical commentaries, devotional commentaries, practical commentaries, evangelical and Reformed commentaries. Recently, I received three volumes in the new Lectio ContinuaI Expository Commentary on the New Testament (LCECNT).1 This series... continue

Where Are You Anchored When Storms Come?

Article by   July 2015
When storms come (and they will), where are you anchored? Do you toss to and fro by the waves, or does your anchor hold? Salvation is anchored in grace, rooted in God's favor toward us in his Son, the Lord... continue

Promoting Perkins

Article by   April 2015
I am delighted to get my hands on the first volume of a projected ten-volume set, The Works of William Perkins. Perkins was one of those phenomenal proto-Puritans, in this instance a man often called "the father of Puritanism." While... continue

Joy Beyond Agony: Embracing the Cross of Christ

Article by   January 2015
Mrs. Jane Roach is on the steering committee of the Alliance's partnered event, the Texas Hill Country Bible Conference. Jane has been active also in Bible Study Fellowship and the Rafiki Foundation (with our much beloved Rosemary Jensen) for years.... continue

Shallow and narrow

Article by   December 2014
One of the joys, if we choose to call it that, of the turn of the year is the "books wot I red" lists that emanate from bloggers left, right and centre. Some of them are simply crass arrogance -... continue

Fred Zaspel interviews Rob Ventura

Article by   November 2014
Alliance friend and speaker Fred Zaspel of Books at a Glance interviews Rob Ventura & Brian Borgman, authors of Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical & Balanced Perspective.      Pastors Brian Borgman (Grace Community Church in Minden, NV) and Rob Ventura (Grace... continue

Banner of Truth kindling

Article by   August 2014
The Banner of Truth is entering the sphere of the digital reader! A first ten volumes have been released as ebooks, combining a mix of classics with more modern treatments. Among the ancients you will find Bunyan, Owen, Spurgeon and... continue

From Bondage to Liberty: The Gospel According to Moses by Anthony Selvaggio

Article by   July 2014
It is difficult to overestimate the importance of Moses to the unfolding of God's plan of salvation. Arguably, Moses is the most significant Old Testament figure because of his unique role as mediator of the old covenant. In this sense,... continue

Welcome to Mark Jones - Get his book for free

Article by   June 2014
I know that Carl did his best to welcome Mark Jones as our newest contributor to reformation21. I was not sure Mark was left feeling comfortable with that 'welcome' but he did come back (and came back jumping right into... continue

Salvation by Crucifixion by Philip Ryken

Article by   May 2014
We have several copies of a new book by Phil Ryken, Bible teacher on Every Last Word radio and internet broadcast.Salvation by Crucifixion sends a challenge to readers: if the historic facts of the cross are true, and the emphasis... continue

The Triune God

Article by   April 2014
Our latest book, The Triune God, has recently been published in partnership with P&R Publishing. It is high testament to the blessings of God upon some very hard work as it's the culmination of many years of steady and faithful... continue

Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English Translation (4 vols)

Article by   March 2014
These fantastic four volumes from Reformation Heritage Books are now available at 50% off here.Get them while the deal lasts (one week only) at Westminster Bookstore.... continue

Did someone say "book giveaway"?

Article by   February 2014
Our fellow blogger, Rob Ventura has released a book with Brian Borgman titled "Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical & Balanced Perspective" through Reformation Heritage Books. And we would love for you to have one!All that said, we can't promised to giveaway... continue

Update - Life in Christ - worth the price, but a free copy here is providence!

Article by   January 2014
A fast update. If you did not catch him, JW was on the Janet Mefferd program yesterday. Check it out here - in Christ - worth the price, but a free copy here is providence!What better way to start the... continue

When is a book not a book?

Article by   May 2013
There are a few things that frustrate me about a number of the books that I have read recently. One is those extravagant examples seemingly designed to showcase the brilliance of some penetrating thinker:Barry (not his real name) is a... continue

Outstanding deal on "A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life"

Article by   November 2012
While I hope to offer a review of Beeke & Jones on the Puritans in the not-too-distant future, let's just say that my exposure so far would make it the height of churlishness not to let you know that continue

This summer I will be reading . . .

Article by   June 2012
Given that the annual boastathon is already underway, I thought I would set the ball rolling here at Reformation21.This summer I will be reading . . .. . . mostly books.Let the stunned wonder and impressed applause begin.... continue

Derek Thomas Acts Commentary, Christian Book Award Finalist

Article by   April 2012
Acts (part of the Reformed Expository Commentary series) by Derek W. H. Thomas has been selected as a finalist for the 2012 Christian Book Awards. The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), sponsor of the annual awards, notes that the winners... continue

Applauded Reformed Commentary Series Expands with New Volumes

Article by   June 2011
Applauded Reformed Commentary SeriesExpands with New Volumes Phillipsburg, NJ--With strong support from leading Reformed theologians, the Reformed Expository Commentary (REC) series continues with the introduction of two new volumes, bringing the series to cover 15 biblical books. P&R Publishing announces... continue


Article by   June 2011
The Banner of Truth Magazine released an excerpt of "John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock" by Iain Murray. With kind permission of Steve Burlew (if you have not prayed with this man in the midst of a... continue

Gifts for Grads: Make College Count

Article by   February 2011
Yes, you're thinking about Valentine's Day.  But, before you know it, the snow will melt, the temperatures will climb above freezing, spring will be here, and pomp and circumstance will fill the air.  What will you get for grads?  I... continue

Republocrat - can $7.50 enhance your view?

Article by   October 2010
Carl Trueman, reformation21 regular and Alliance Council member, explores the idiosyncrasies of modern American politics and stimulates a new Christian approach in his new book Republocrat. An excerpt includes the introduction by Peter Lillback of Westminster Theological Seminary and a sample... continue

"The 24/7 Christian" by Anthony Selvaggio

Article by   August 2010
I did not take real notice of the recent article post by Anthony Selvaggio. I should have, as he has a book worth noting. In it, he takes a look at the book of James, titling his work "The 24/7... continue

Steve Lawson's Psalm Commentary in Russian

Article by   August 2010
Our friend and co-laborer, Steve Lawson just received confirmation that his commentary on the Psalms was just delivered in Russian to Samara (View image). It took over six years to get this first volume in print, but Dr. Lawson reports they are... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" - part three - The Church of God

Article by   August 2010
This week we have extracted a few jewels from Eric Alexander's new book. We have seen 'The Character of God' and 'The Salvation of God'. This is the last part of Our Great God and Saviour is titled 'The Church... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" - part two - The Salvation of God

Article by   August 2010
Alliance Council member Eric Alexander's new book from The Banner of Truth Trust, Our Great God and Saviour, continues into a second section titled "The Salvation of God." Its messages include "Regeneration: Beginning with God" (John 3), "Justification: The Glorious... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" - part one - The Character of God

Article by   August 2010
Our Great God and Saviour by Eric Alexander arrived at the Alliance offices, or at least on my desk, just last week. It is as pastoral as Eric himself. This collection of messages is from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" by Eric Alexander

Article by   July 2010
Rev. Eric Alexander, Alliance Council member and long time speaker at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, has just released "Our Great God and Saviour" with The Banner of Truth Trust. While Rev. Alexander always told me he was no... continue

Calvin For Today

Article by   April 2010
Calvin For Today, is a new volume including essays by Ligon Duncan, Derek Thomas, and others. It is a compilation of the addresses given at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary's annual conference in August 2009. The book contains a wealth of... continue

A Time for Tears

Article by   April 2010
From "The Christ of the Empty Tomb," Dr. Boice speaks of Mary's encounter with the risen Christ:   "In the third chapter of Ecclesiastes there are words of great wisdom: "There is a time for everything, and a season for... continue

The resurrection is not philosophy... so truth lives.

Article by   March 2010
Dr. James Boice remains the Bible teacher on The Bible Study Hour and founded the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. Later in "The Christ of the Empty Tomb," Dr. Boice speaking of the first century Christians writes:   "Why should... continue

"I know that my Redeemer lives" - Job

Article by   March 2010
James Boice was mentor to Philip Ryken and Richard Phillips, both reformation21 bloggers. Continuing in his book, "The Christ of the Empty Tomb," Dr. Boice writes of Job's statement "I know that my Redeemer lives":   "If Job, who lived at... continue

The Christ of the Empty Tomb by James Boice

Article by   March 2010
As it is Easter week, thought exerts from Dr. James Boice's book, "The Christ of the Empty Tomb" would be encouraging. So to start, from the preface:   "I have been struck again with two things.   First, the resurrection... continue


Article by   January 2010
It depends on your context.  If you're thinking great TV series of the 70s, you're thinking Who [indeed] shot J.R.?  If you're thinking football, you're thinking of that team that somehow got the upper hand on the [beloved] Eagles (twice!)... continue

New Edwards Set--Just in time for Valentine's Day

Article by   January 2010
I just saw the notice of a handy new set of Edwards' writings.  Its edited by Owen Strachan and Douglas Sweeney and published by Moody.  It looks like there will be five convenient paperbacks and a hefty hardback.  And they... continue

Richard Doster, Crossing the Lines, OR, One more book for Christmas

Article by   December 2009
Here's one more book for Christmas . . . Richard Doster, Crossing the Lines, A Novel, published by David C. Cook First, for those who would not countenance contemporary fiction . . . Look at the cover.  [You'll have to... continue

Books for Christmas

Article by   December 2009
Why stress the Christmas shopping?  Here are some suggestions to help . . . For the kids:  - The new Pilgrim's Progress, edited by C. J. Lovik and illustrated by Mike Wimmer.  This new Crossway Book is excellent in every... continue

Thanksgiving reading

Article by   November 2009
Okay, it's not as long as the summer, but it is a few days and don't you think books ought to trump parades and college football?  Put another way, nothing goes better with turkey than some good reads.   Let... continue

I Know What Derek Is Doing Tomorrow

Article by   April 2009
Derek has to be going to get his well-thumbed-through copy of The Shack signed.  Yes, William P. Young himself will be at Lemuria Bookstore, a great independent bookstore in Jackson, Miss, tomorrow April 16 at 11:00 am.  So, Derek, are... continue

CVT in B&C

Article by   March 2009
Congratulations are in order to our very own Sean Lucas and to D.G. Hart and to John Muether, editors and author respectively of the Cornelius Van Til volume in the American Reformed Biography series by P&R.  Richard Mouw has a... continue

Shocked . . .

Article by   November 2008
. . . and dismayed.  DT won't learn from a Unitarian?   Where's the love?... continue

Pocket Packer

Article by   November 2008
And one more book from my friends at Crossway (referencing back to my ETS books post).  I picked up J I Packer's Affirming the Apostle's Creed, which is taken from his Growing in Christ.  Crossway has also published Praying the... continue

ETS books

Article by   November 2008
This past week I was up in Rhode Island at the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.  In between attending a few great papers and bumping into people, I also had a chance to pick up a few books. ... continue

John Stott and the 50th anniversary of Basic Christianity

Article by   November 2008
This past week, I received a copy of the 50th anniversary edition of John Stott's widely acclaimed best-seller, Basic Christianity. I first read this book in December 1971 as a thoroughly agnostic non-church-going freshman at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.... continue

Being Born Again

Article by   September 2008
While I was in London I met up with my good friend Gary Brady.  Gary has written some fine books and his latest, What the Bible Teaches about Being Born Again , is a welcome treatment of the subject.  Great... continue

The Man clad in Breeches

Article by   June 2008
My wife and I are off to Peru tomorrow on a mission trip for a week and I'm uncertain if I'll be able to blog from the Southern Hemisphere! On my way, I've decided to dip into Colin Duriez's new... continue

Rosell's new book and Balmer's fascinating panel

Article by   June 2008
One quick addition to my summer reading list:  Garth Rosell's The Surprising Work of God:  Harold John Ockenga, Billy Graham, and the Rebirth of Evangelicalism.  Ockenga was in the first graduating class of Westminster, among the faculty and student exiles... continue

Is It Summer?

Article by   June 2008
The problem with living in the Caribbean is you don't really have seasons.  Who knew it was summer and you could read differently?  While all the tourist come down, snorkel, and bathe in the sun with a wonderful novel, us... continue

Books update

Article by   June 2008
Thanks to all who have volunteered to review my list of books. Of the books I posted earlier today, only the following are left: Sharon Heaney CONTEXTUAL THEOLOGY FOR LATIN AMERICA: LIBERATION THEMES IN EVANGELICAL PERSPECTIVE (Paternoster) Christopher R. Seitz... continue

Morgan, Ryken, and the Crucified Christian

Article by   June 2008
Until a few days ago, my vocabulary didn't include the word "apotheosis."  I'm afraid saying "apotheosis" where I grew up would get you beaten down for the rest of the school year. Though I can't say apotheosis, I do know... continue

Savoring Luke

Article by   January 2008
Today I crossed a finish line that had long been stretched out before me: I finished editing Phil Ryken's two-volume Luke commentary for the Reformed Expository Commentary.  Phil was enormously gracious to me, since due to work overload and a... continue
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