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Vatican Files no. 20

Article by   May 2013
After a couple of eventful months surrounding the Vatican, the time has come to shift into a more routine mood. Pope Francis has attracted a lot of attention from the media and has sent various messages of change and renewal. After the initial surprise, the various Vatican departments are coming to terms with a less pompous papacy, and the Pope himself is beginning to shape his own views on a number of open issues that are on the Vatican agenda. continue

Justification and the Literary Imagination

Article by   February 2011
The function of the literary imagination is to incarnate meaning in concrete images, characters, events, and settings rather than abstract or propositional arguments.  To use the formula of Dorothy Sayers, the imagination images forth its subject, and in turn it... continue

What Makes the King James Version Great?

Article by   January 2011
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the most important event in the history of English Bible translation.  In fact, the publication of the King James Version of the Bible in 1611 was the most important event in the history... continue

Surviving the Desert

Article by   May 2006
"The most significant lesson that desert dwellers can learn . . . is to regard themselves not as exiles from some better place, but as people at home in an environment to which life can be adjusted." When I was... continue

Three Books on the Bible: A Critical Review

Article by   April 2006
The last few years have witnessed the publication of several books on the Bible, most of which are in some measure innovative. In addition to the three I shall review in this essay, one cannot overlook Peter Jensen's The Revelation... continue

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

Article by   April 2006
A book about the identity and purpose of the Bible must be of interest to any serious Christian. But at first glance Inspiration and Incarnation seems daunting. Peter Enns, a Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia,... continue

Back to Jerusalem

Article by   October 2005
"Are you going to the dogs this year?" was the question put to me. I suppose my initial reaction was that I should respond in the affirmative. I tend to think that I am making little progress in anything as... continue

Scripture Alone: The Evangelical Doctrine

Article by   October 2005
This book contains a collection of essays on the doctrine of Scripture (covering almost a quarter century of material from 1974 to1996) all of which add light and justification to the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy of 1978 made by... continue

Lost in Translation

Article by   September 2005
"In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth."-Genesis 1:1 The above translation of Gen.1:1 is taken from the hippest new version of the Bible to date. Does the language look familiar? Well, it might for some of you.... continue

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Time to Bury the Bibles?

Article by   November 2016
Few things bring out the hysteria in all of us like a presidential election. Perhaps only the close of a millennium (anyone remember Y2K?) can compete for catapulting Americans into a posture of fear and anxiety about their nation's... continue

Luther on Book-Showers and Big, Long, Shaggy Donkey Ears

Article by   April 2015
"In time," Luther opined, "my books will lie forgotten in the dust." This was no lament on the Reformer's part. In fact, Luther found much "consolation" in the possibility -- or rather likelihood -- that his literary efforts would soon... continue


Article by   January 2015
It may have been ever thus, but there seem to be an increasing number of books - often from the fields of biblical or systematic theology - that present themselves as having discovered or provided the overarching theme of the... continue

6 Ways to Benefit from Reading Genealogies, by Matthew Holst

Article by   September 2014
Most Christians inwardly, if not outwardly, groan when they arrive at a genealogy in their Bible reading. This is a shame. The genealogies are wonderful and I love studying (not just reading) and preaching them.  They are compressed histories of... continue

Interview with Joel Beeke over the KJV Reformation Study Bible

Article by   September 2014
Recently we had the opportunity to ask Dr. Joel Beeke, of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, a few questions about the soon to come KJV Reformation Study Bible (due out in November). Dr. Beeke has been a regular speaker of the... continue

Why Am I Pursuing a PhD in Hebrew?

Article by   August 2014
In 2010, John Piper was asked, "Should pastors get PhDs?" He responded, "If you're already a pastor, I wouldn't get a PhD. It's a lot of work, and the payoff is really small. Really small. When I say really small, I... continue

Finders and keepers

Article by   February 2014
I have just seen two profoundly moving videos at Justin Taylor's blog. The second I have seen before: the Kimyal tribe of West Papua, Indonesia, receiving New Testaments in their own language for the first time. The first, equally telling,... continue

Effective personal evangelism: understanding

Article by   October 2013
To date, we have looked briefly at love, tenacity, boldness and consistency as particular features of the effective personal evangelist.The fifth mark of the effective personal evangelist is understanding. We have said that we do not need special training -... continue

"We must take it all"

Article by   January 2013
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the unity of Scripture:Higher criticism is man picking and choosing out of the Scriptures, believing what he likes and rejecting, or ignoring, the rest. It is man failing to submit himself completely and utterly to the... continue

"More light, Lord!"

Article by   October 2012
Light is one of those commodities, like oxygen, much underestimated until one finds oneself in need of it. I am particularly conscious of this because my desk light - a quite splendid piece of kit - decided to pack up... continue

What Are You Interested in?

Article by   November 2011
I came across this gem in editing an upcoming book on the doctrine of Scripture, from our own Dr. J. Ligon Duncan, III, on 2 Tim 3:16-17. Pastor and people: read these lines carefully before the Lord's Day:"Put in popular... continue

The PC(USA) Inches Closer to Ordination of Homosexuals

Article by   March 2009
From the Charlotte Observer: In a close vote that reflected deep division, Presbyterian church leaders representing the Charlotte area signaled their support Saturday for ending their denomination's longstanding ban on gays and lesbians becoming pastors and elders. In past years,... continue

Questions about Bible Interpretation

Article by   August 2008
I have been involved in a friendly, and hopefully fruitful, discussion over at Green Baggins regarding Bible interpretation.  I have been encouraged to post here some of my comments there.  Because I am excerpting from a conversation, I will have to... continue

The Renewal We Need

Article by   June 2008
Writing in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, David Wells explains what our church and our culture need: "The renewal of which we stand in need, I believe, is of both the understanding of truth and of our knowledge... continue

The Apotheosis of the Study Bible

Article by   June 2008
Over the past week I have had the opportunity to review advance proofs of the ESV Study Bible that is planned for publication in October of 2008.  Although I have not participated in this project, I have watched it unfold... continue

18 Words

Article by   June 2008
Given the attention to Jim Packer's split with the Anglican Church of Canada, I wanted to draw some attention to one of his best writing projects, recently published in Scotland by Mentor under the title 18 Words: The Most Important... continue
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