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Mind and Cosmos

Article by   September 2013
Thomas Nagel. Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012. 130 pp.  Hardcover: $24.95.There are basically three types of modern atheists: soft atheists, hard atheists, and conflicted atheists. Soft... continue

Augustine vs. Russell

Article by   December 2012
The cultural and intellectual influence of Augustine of Hippo is indisputable. In his own day, he was bishop of a relatively insignificant town in North Africa but his writings impacted not only the world of his day but the world ever since. His City of God remains a standard text in the history of political theory; his theological writings set much of the agenda for both Catholicism and, later, Protestantism; and his autobiography,Confessions, represented a brilliant fusion of classical culture and Christian theology and, in setting out his life as an internal psychological struggle, was a very early precursor of the modern novel. continue

The End of Christianity?

Article by   October 2011
The End of Christianity is the third installment in Loftus's serial case against the Christian faith. As he's said elsewhere, Loftus is attempting to "overwhelm" the Christian reader. His overall strategy is a parody of the cumulative case for Christianity, only he's laboring to do the same thing in reverse. continue

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2014: The Year of Atheist Spirituality?

Article by   December 2014
Several years ago, while on vacation, I bought a quirky little book by the French philosopher André Comte-Sponville entitled The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality. Though I knew no work quite like it, the idea the author developed, that atheists... continue

The Deceitfulness of Atheist Advertising

Article by   December 2014
Atheist activists are making headlines for recent advertising efforts, this time in the southern states of America. Several years ago a similar effort in the United Kingdom caused some degree of consternation among British evangelicals. I was living in Scotland at the... continue

Atheism from a Recliner

Article by   August 2013
"...and they knew that they were naked. And they sewed fig leaves together..." (Gen 3:7)Atheists attempting to work out the worldview implications of their (un)belief-system appear to be on the rise these days (for an excellent handling of one example... continue

"Not Enough Evidence!": Augustine versus Russell

Article by   December 2012
Such was the (in)famous reply of atheistic British analytic philosopher Bertrand Russell when asked what he would say if, upon his death, he found out that God really existed. Our own Carl Trueman, eschewing the unbelief of Russell while evidencing the... continue

Well, what do you know...

Article by   September 2012
In Col 3:10, the apostle Paul describes one of the most stunning aspects of the Spirit's re-creative work in uniting us by faith to the risen Christ. In that verse, we read that the natural man is, by that Spirit,... continue

The End of Infidelity

Article by   February 2012
Last fall, Steve Hays of Triablogue, did an excellent article for ref21 refuting the collection of new atheist essays published under the title of The End of Christianity (ed. John Loftus).The book-length refutation of Loftus and company is now available in... continue

Chrysostom, Christians and Critiques

Article by   April 2011
One of the things Christians are increasingly hearing from secular critics is that Christianity is not only wrong, but evil; it's false but also immoral. One of the best responses to this phenomena is a recent book by the guys... continue
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