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Et Tu, Brute?

Article by   February 2013
It was March 15, sometimes called the "Ides of March." It was a day like any other day. But as the soothsayer ominously reminded the emperor Julius Caesar, the day was not yet over. Cassius and the Roman leaders were afraid that Caesar's power was going to his head. Too much power for Caesar meant too little power for them. So they decided it would be best if Caesar was out of the way. They plotted to assassinate the emperor. Not only so, but they convinced Caesar's good friend, Brutus, to join them in the assassination plot. Before the Ides of March was over, Caesar had died a tragic death. The tragedy of his death was that his friend had conspired to kill him. continue

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Article by   March 2018
De-conversion is the reverse of conver­sion. While some creep away from the faith like a gliding glacier, the de-converted are glaciers calving off, crashing into the sea with devastating effect. Read on with holy fear. Paraphras­ing Dr. Michael Kruger,... continue

More on Sudduth

Article by   January 2012
With characteristic aplomb and passion for Christ's glory, Steve Hays over Triablogue has written more on Sudduth's deconversion. See here.One thing this whole mess has sparked in me, besides anger and sadness, is a renewed interest in Owen's massive work... continue
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