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John Owen was an Anglican

Article by   January 2016
Having previously proved without any shadow of a doubt that the great John Owen was not a Baptist, no, definitely not a Baptist, and certainly not a Presbyterian, it is important that we now go one step further. In this... continue

Reprobate Anglicans

Article by   August 2015
Continuing to ponder the idea that God appointed some to everlasting life and others to a different fate. Is this really a genuinely Anglican idea, as my previous posts about the dark side of predestination and the way not to... continue

Well, OK, but just this once ...

Article by   December 2014
Today is almost certain to see the appointment of the first Anglican woman bishop in the UK. Stockport in Manchester look to be the unlucky winners. It has been declared: "The time is right." A break with tradition, we are... continue

On The Nativity

Article by   December 2011
Editor's note: we welcome the newest member of our blog team, Mr. Digby St. John-Crimond. After years of civil service in the diplomatic corps, he has taken an early retirement, to enjoy not only serving the Anglican Church, but also... continue
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